Name:  Lovense Lush
Price: $99

Seen those pink things hanging out of cam models pussies and asses?  If so there is a good chance that you might be interested in reading this Lovense Lush review.  Please see my Lovense review for an overview of all their products.  This popular sex toy will allow you to interact with your viewers while of course making money. You will then be able to decide if this product will help you earn more money with your web camming.

A lot of people would be surprised to hear that Lovense has been around since 2010.  However, Lovense didn’t release their “Lush” product until 2015.  The interactive sex toy has been seen on many popular camming sites like Chaturbate (see Chaturbate review), (see MyFreeCams review), and numerous other camming sites.

I hope your getting excited about learning about the Lovense Lush because in this review I am going to show you everything this interactive sex toy you has to offer.

This Lovense Lush review will cover the following:

Lovense Lush Pros & Cons


  • Lots of money making potential.
  • Battery last for 2 hours.
  • Works with most cam sites.
  • Feels great.
  • Shipped discreetly.
  • Silent vibrations.
  • Hits the G-Spot.
  • Wireless.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Waterproof.


  • Cost $99.

Who Is Lovense Lush For

Originally, this the Lush was developed for those in a long-distance relationships.  It’s hard to be intimate with you lover when you can’t physically touch them.  Not to mention, if your sex life is a little bland adding a sex toy can really spice up things in the bedroom.

However, it’s good for long distance relationships because of it’s Bluetooth functionality in.  But in 2016 it the Lush by Lovense has been taking the web camming world by storm.  Meaning,  lots of cam models all around the world are using the Lush to help interact and make money with their live camming shows.

The Lush by Lovense will help give your cam shows more interaction which will make you more money in the long run.  Now, I am going to give you an inside look at the Lush as well as some tips which will make you more money.

Inside Look At Lovense Lush

Whenever people order sex toys on the internet they are always concerned that it’s going to come in a box screaming “giant sex toy”.  Lovense products order from their website are always shipped discreetly, though.  The only expection would be if you were to order the Lush from Amazon or some third-party website.  Your Lush might not be shipped discreetly that way.  It’s really up to the seller on whether or not it will be shipped discreetly.

Anyways, once your Lush shows up at your doorstep you will notice how sleek this sex toy actualy is.  It is curved so that it stimulates your G-spot.  There is a flexible antenna that extends from the egg.  The insertable part is 1.4 inches thick and is 3.14 inches long.  The antenna is 4.8 inches long.  It’s make of 100% silicone and is bright pink (only comes in pink).

The Lush does come with a USB charging cable and a user guide, too.  You might want to purchase a wall adapter if you don’t have one so that you can plug it into the wall, too.

I would highly recommend that you charge the Lush when you get it.  It usually only takes 30 to 45 minutes to charge.  Then you can use it for 2 hours.You’re going to want to setup the toy with your smartphone app.  It is compatible with the iPhone 4s/5/5s/6/6+/6s/6s/7+ and iPad 2/3/4/Air as well as Android 4.3 and later with Bluetooth 4.0 LE enabled.  The app is pretty easy to setup and shouldn’t take you longer than 5 to 10 minutes to configure it.

Now once your Lush is charged you are ready to play with it.  Or, maybe I should say start making money with it.  I would recommend washing it before you insert it.

Lush & Webcamming

Now, it’s time to hop on your favorite cam site that supports Lovense products.  I would make sure you set your title to #Lovense so that people can login to your show and start giving you tokens when you insert it.

Personally, I have seen a lot of camgirls use the Lush and they are making some decent money with it.  Once, you have played around with it you’re going to want to put a tip menu on your profile.  This will allow people to give you tokens for different vibration.

See the below chart for example that you can use:

Lush Chart

One thing that always strikes me as odd is when a camgirl is using a sex toy and the toy is making a ton of noise.  It’s kind of distracting, but I can assure you that the Lush really doesn’t make any noticeable noise.  Therefore, you won’t find yourself yelling in your cam shows.  Well, you might be moaning, but for a different reason. But, one thing I can tell you is people will just tip to see your reaction.

Making More Money With The Lush

  • Full Control.  Obviously, the  Lush is going to make you money by people viewing your shows and then people giving you tokens for different vibration.  But, did you know you can give people access to your Lush.  This is one thing a lot of camgirls don’t know about.  For instance, you can give someone who tips 500 tokens 2-10 minutes access to control the Lush from their cell phone.
  • Music.  The Lush can even vibrate to the sound of music.  This is actually a great feature because you can make money with it.  How?  One thing I have seen camgirls do is have music playing while using it.  People can request songs where you can charge them 30-50 tokens for a song.  If you want to skip a song you can charge 25 tokens to skip it.
  • Butt.  You can always charge 100 tokens or so to take the Lush out of your pussy and insert it in your ass.  Just make sure your comfortable with it in your ass before you put it on your tip menu, though.  Then, if you want to put it back in your pussy from your ass you can always charge tokens for that.

Furthermore, a lot of the top MyFreeCams models use the Lush and it makes them some decent money.  I have seen countless web cam models that use it for every single show.  Even, if you don’t want to use it all the time you could use it a couple times during the week for your cam shows.

Getting Help WithLovense Lush

I have briefly touched on support with the Lush.  But, it does come with a guide which has some easy steps to follow in order to get started with it.  Just in case you lost your manual here is a link to the Lush:

Also, here is a link for syncing your Lush with most of the popular camming sites:

Price of Lovense Lush

It cost $99.  This might seem kind of high for a sex toy, but I really feel it’s well worth the money.  It does come with a 1-year warranty and you can return it if it isn’t opened for up to 30 days.

Lovense Lush Final Verdict

Do I recommend the Lush by Lovense for camgirls.  Hell yes.  Kaci Kash (one of the best Chaturbate models) told me once that the best thing you can do as a camgirl is invest in yourself.  The Lush does cost $99 which is kind of high for a sex toy.  However, I am confident that you will earn your money back within a couple shows.

The Lush is probably the only sex toy I recommend for cam models.  Although there are a number of them I would recommend which you can use with your shows to help make you money.

You can make some decent money with the Lush.  Personally, I have seen hundreds of camgirls that make over 2,000 tokens within an hour when using it.  So, it will certainly make you money at the end of the day.

Do you have experience with the Lush by Lovense?  I would love to hear your feedback.  This Lovense Lush review gets stronger with the more people that contribute to it.  Please leave your comments down below.

Lovense Lush Review
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Income Potential
  • Reputation


The Lush by Lovense is the hottest interactive toy on the market. Thousands of webcam models own one. With this awesome toy every time you get tipped it vibrates. It literally pays you to feel good and make tokens when owning it. If there is one sex toy you need it’s certainly the Lush. Click here to find out more information about it.

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