Name: YouKandy
Price: Varies

This YouKandy review is going to show everything that YouKandy has to offer. It’s an amateur cam site. However, it’s primary focus seems to be selling videos and images. Just like other cam sites you can tip cam models. Instead of using a token system they use dollars.

So, I was pumped to check out YouKandy to see everything they have to offer.

YouKandy does support both females and males. Also, couples are allowed with YouKandy was registered in 2012 as a newer adult cam site that has been getting a lot of traction lately.

This full YouKandy review is going to cover the following:

YouKandy Pros & Cons


  • Free to sign up. No credit card required.
  • Good earning potential.
  • Lots of videos and pictures you can purchase.
  • Easy custom request.
  • Can book live shows.
  • Frequent contest.
  • 80% commission on cam shows.


  • Lower traffic than other cam sites.
  • Few free live shows.
  • High Prices for paying for live shows.
  • High payout threshold

Who Is YouKandy For

Nearly, anyone that is looking to broadcast themselves will be interested in checking out YouKandy. YouKandy is for males, females, and couples. It is only offered for people that speak English, though. You can operate your own cam anywhere in the world. However, I do need to stress that you have to know English to be on  They make this very clear on their website.

Inside Look At YouKandy

Upon signing up for my YouKandy account and clicking on the verification email, I was able to log into YouKandy instantly. When I did log in, I noticed that the user interface was very straightforward and easy to use.  I really do like the layout and wish other cam sites would make it this easy to use.

You will see the following buttons along the left-hand side of YouCandy:

  • Explore.
  • My Account.
  • Webcams.
  • Customers.
  • Galleries.
  • Videos.
  • Members.
  • Help/FAQ.
  • Logout.


First, I do want to start off by saying YouKandy does offer live webcams. However, unlike (see review) there are not thousands of people only. Instead, there are 2-10 females online when I monitored YouKandy for about a week. So, there isn’t a lot of cam girls that are online at one time.

YouKandy Booking

With that said it doesn’t mean your limited, though. A lot of girls are online. You do need to book a show with them, though.  Unless the cam model is online then you won’t need to book a show. The shows are either private or group shows. They cost anywhere from $1.50/min to $10.00/min. I did see a couple of group shows which were $1.00/min, too. It is on the higher end for a cam show, though. A 10-minute show for 5 minutes would end up costing you $50.

Contacting People

It is very easy to contact people on When on the public show you can chat with them for free. However, if they are not online, you will need to send them a private message. It does cost $1 to unlock the personal message feature the first time, though.

Also, you can follow people by clicking on their follow button on their profile.

YouKandy Profile

I do like the way YouKandy did their profiles for their users, though. They have an about page. It shows their name; date joined age, height weight, etc. There is an activity wall. It is kind of like their Facebook page. Here they put up pictures, videos, pictures, videos, and request shows. Also, there is a great feature where you can request something custom.

Private & Group Shows

As I have stated above private and group shows are $1.50/min to $10.00/min. These are higher than other cam sites. You do need to “book” your private and group shows, though. Most of the models do post their hours that they will be online. But, you can save these private and group shows to view later. But, overall, the quality of them is great. They are in HD.  Another webcam site that specializes in private shows are ImLive (see ImLive review).

Custom Request

YouKandy Request

My favorite thing about YouKandy is the custom request. You can either go to cam models page and request something. Optionally, you can fill out a form with your request. You specify exactly what you want. You can specify the minimum duration which can be between 1 and 60 minutes. Then, you tell them how much you are willing to pay for the video or pictures. Lastly, you give them how many days you want the video or pictures to be completed in.

With YouKandy you can specify 3 models and ones that you want to target, too.


One of the best features of is certainly the galleries. Users can upload pictures and offer them to YouKandy users. Most picture packs are about $1. However, they can be between $1 and 25 dollars. Most of the picture packs are about 20 total pictures. However, there are picture packs that are free. YouKandy does encourage their users to upload free images to help grow their following.


YouKandy does have lots of videos to purchase. Most of the videos are around $7.50. However, they do range between $3 to $25. Most of the videos are between 1 minute to 12 minutes long. Also, there are lots of free videos that you can view for free. Again, YouKandy does encourage their users to upload free videos to help grow their following.

Getting Help With YouCandy

How good is YouCandy’s customer support?

Great. In fact, I have contacted YouKandy a few times already and did get a reply within 3 hours. To get in contact with YouCandy your going to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on their “contact” link. Also, from other adult cam models, I have talked to it does look like they are happy with YouCandy’s customer support.

Also, YouCandy does have a help/FAQ section which you can find at

Prices With YouCandy

I have gone over the prices for videos, live shows, pictures, and custom request already. For live shows, they are higher than other cam sites. But, for videos and pictures, they are right on par with other cam sites.

If you’re a cam model though there is a payment minimum before you can request a payout. The minimum payout is $100. You do get 60% to 80% of the images and videos that you sell on YouKandy. YouKandy does give you 100% of your payouts for cam shows, though.

Payments are made through FirstChoice, and you can cash out at any time. As long as you have exceeded the $100 minimum.

YouKandy Final Verdict

Overall, YouKandy is pretty decent. YouKandy isn’t as established as other sites. It does have a webcam section, but there are not as many live shows. Certainly, you can book a show, but you’re not going to see anything free like you would on Chaturbate (see Chaturbate review).

YouCandy seems to be more of an adult content purchasing site. But, it does excel at adult content. The prices for videos are pretty low and picture galleries are low. But, YouCandy does also have a lot of free videos and images, too.

So, YouCandy is decent. They still have some catching up to do, but I think they are on the right track. You can sign up for by clicking here.

However, do you have experience with YouCandy? I would love for you to rate YouKandy and contribute to this YouCandy review. Please leave a comment down below.

YouKandy Review
  • Traffic
  • Payment
  • Support
  • Ease of Use


YouKandy is growing in popularity and one of those camming sites and places that I will be watching in the upcoming years. There is a lot of income potential with YouKandy. You don’t have to webcam there primarily, but you can supplement your income with them. Sign up with YouKandy today and start making more money.

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