Name: Streamate
Price: PPM (pay per minute)

This Streamate review is going to give you an inside look at what you can expect if you’re interested in checking out their site. If you’re an amateur cam model or just looking to browse live webcams there is a good chance you might have heard of Streamate. The concept of Streamate is different than other cam sites because you literally PPM (pay per minute).

So, I have read lots about Streamate.  They get good reviews from and many complaints on  I did approach Streamate with an open mind so that I could write an accurate review of them.  Now, I am going to share my experience with you.

Streamate has been around for over 12 years. They have been around almost as long as ImLive (see ImLive reviews). So, Streamate allows cam models to broadcast from their home.  You can watch from the comfort of your own home too. They do have a wide variety of “kinks” that you can check out.

In this full Streamate review I am going to cover the following:

Streamate Pros & Cons


  • Been around for over a decade.
  • Good money making potential.
  • Many different webcams.
  • Lots of kinks.
  • HD shows.
  • Private shows.
  • Paid weekly.


  • Higher end minimum payout.
  • Have to use a credit card to sign up.
  • Only get 30% to 35% of earnings.
  • Can’t link to your other sites or Twitter.
  • Have to sell videos through messages.

Who Is Streamate For

Unlike (see MyFreeCams review) you are not just limited to females.  Meaning not only females can broadcast there. So, if you’re looking to work at Streamate.  Or browse their site there is a lot offered with Streamate. Streamate does support males, females, transgenders, and couples.

Inside Look At Streamate

It is completely free to sign up with Streamate. I was excited to check them out and see what all they have to offer. To do this you simply sign up. You do have to put in your email address, desired password, and full name. Then once you do that you will need to put in your credit card information. This was kind of a let down because I really didn’t feel like getting my credit card out and entering in my credit card information.

Streamate does give you access to their site for free for 30 days. After this 30 day period your credit card will be charge $19.95/month. You do have to make sure you cancel if you don’t want to be charged a monthly rate, though.

Upon signing up with Streamate I was allowed to browse their website. There is a list of people you might be interested in checking out. For instance, if you’re looking for Asians, BBW, couples, redheads, anal sex etc. Streamate has a number which shows you how many people are logged on for your desired search.  So, clearly, it’s easy to find what you want with Streamate.

First, I did like the quality of live webcam shows on Streamate. They are in HD and connect very quickly. I tested them out for a couple of weeks and never had any issues connecting and the girls there seem to be pretty friendly.

So, there are a number of different shows with Streamate. At first, you might be a little confused on what they mean. Don’t worry because I am going to explain them in full details down below.

Here is a good video I found that explains the different chatrooms on Streamate:

Gold Show

Gold shows are a pretty good concept. Here is how it works. When a cam model starts a gold show they have a minimum until the show starts. For instance, you can start a gold show and it will begin at $100 (or whatever you specify). There is a specified price that you can reserve for a spot in the gold show. The reserve price is whatever the cam model specified. From what I have seen it usually cost $5 to $15 to reserve a spot for the gold show. Also, there is usually a countdown timer for whatever the cam model specified.  While I am on the topic of shows I would invite you to check out my article on webcam show ideas if you wanting some ideas you can actually use.

Ok, now back to my Streamate review.

I did do a test show with this girl:

Streamate Gold Show

She did have a very fun personality.  She was from the United Kingdom and I loved hearing her voice.  At $50 she did remove her top.  Her boobs are huge!  She didn’t reach her goal of $300 the first time but did do a show where she road a dildo.  Also, she had a jar where she was giving away prizes for people that were tipping.  I did tip her $25 and did get a video later on from her for tipping $25.

Party Chat

Party chat was a little confusing to me. At first, I thought it was like a group show which uses. However, I was dead wrong. This isn’t a group show or anything. Instead, it’s a free show. This simply means the cam model is either going to be doing a “gold show” or is looking to take on some private shows.


Streamate Profile

I do like the way that Streamate’s profiles are done. Right under the performer’s cam show, you will see their profile. This does show about them, their photo’s videos, member comments, and their schedule.

However, you can’t link to your Twitter or sites where you sell your content like ManyVids (see ManyVids review) or YouKandy (see YouKandy review).

Also, it’s very easy to send a webcam model a message with Streamate. Right below the webcam show you can click send a message. There is a mail button on the top navigation which you can easily check your messages.  This is a feature I wish Chaturbate would add to their system instead of only being allowed to send a PM (personal message) whenever someone is online.

Selling Videos

I do like how other webcam sites allow you to sell your videos on your profile. This allows you to make residual income while you are focusing on your show. However, you can sell videos on Streamate. It does seem to be a little harder than other sites. You have to sell them through your private messages. Therefore, you will have to sit down and manually sell your videos.

Mostly Solo Shows

One negative thing about Streamate is there isn’t a lot of couples on like there are with Chaturbate (see Chaturbate review). I tested them out for a couple of weeks and only saw 15-30 couples on at one time. It does seem to mostly be for those guys or girls that are looking to do a solo cam show. However, there are “some” couples on Streamate.

Getting Help With Streamate

How good is Streamate’s customer support?

Pretty decent. They are available 24/7 to assist you if you have any questions. I would suggest that you check out their FAQ’s which might answer any questions or concerns that you might have. You can find Streamate’s FAQ’s here:

One thing I do like about Streamate is there are lots of ways you can contact them. Other webcam sites only allow you to contact them through a support ticket. However, with Streamate you can contact them the following ways:

  • Live chat support
  • Email
  • Telephone

Streamate Live Chat

I did use Streammate’s live chat. It connected instantly and I had a question about party chats and selling videos through Streamate. I did get my question answered instantly and “Tony” was very helpful in assisting me.  Again, I wish other webcam sites would use live chat versus using a ticketing system.

Prices With Streamate

Streamate does use a “gold” system. Instead of the token system which a lot of other webcam sites are using now. Instead, if you want a private show, send a tip, etc. you’re going to have to send them gold. 1 gold equals $1. Also, you can set a daily limit so you don’t end up spending a small fortune with Streamate.

Cam Models Pay

Streamate does give their models 30% to 35% of what you earn. This is lower than some which will give you 45-60%.

You can get paid out with Streamate the following ways:

  • Regular check. Minimum payout $20.
  • FedEx Check: Minimum payout $200. $30 fee.
  • Wire transfer. Minimum payout $249. $40 fee.
  • Payoneer (prepaid MasterCard or Global Bank Transfer). Minimum payout $100. Fees vary.

The payments are done weekly. Therefore you can get paid pretty quickly.

Streamate Final Verdict

Do I recommend Streamate? Yes and No.

Yes, because if you’re looking to do private shows they are very solid.  Also, the gold shows are a good way to go. There is a variety of kinks offered and I did find their site very easy to use.  Traffic is pretty decent with Streamate and there were thousands of models on at all hours of the day.  The customer support was easy to get ahold of.  I really did like the live chat feature.

Here is a reason why Streamate might not work for you.  If you’re looking to browse for free you are probably not going to see much for free. Also, the payouts thresholds are on the higher end. You only get 30% to 35% of your earnings.

However, I was impressed with the quality of customer support that Streamate had. Again, live chat was a great feature that I wish other webcam sites would start using. Streamate has been around for more than a decade so they can be trusted.

If you decide to use Streamate make sure you have your credit card ready. It is free to join, but they do need to verify you before allowing you to use their site. Streamate is a very solid adult webcam site that has a lot to offer.

However, do you have experience with Streamate? I would love for you to rate Streamate and contribute to these Streamate reviews. Please leave a comment down below and rate Streamate.

Steamate Review
  • Traffic
  • Payment
  • Support
  • Ease of Use


Streamate is very popular website to use for your webcamming ventures. They are a well-known camming site that many models and users use each day. You can certainly make some decent money with Streamate. If you’re interested in learning more about them I would recommend you visit their website to learn more.

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