Name: ManyVids
Price: Varies

This ManyVids review is going to show you everything they have to offer.  A lot of people have been asking me recently if they should upload their videos there.  Also, people have asked me if they are trustworthy to buy videos on?

First, let me give you a little history on ManyVids.  ManyVids was registered in 2013 and was launched in 2014.  It’s quickly been recognized in the adult camming world.  A lot of webcam models have been linking ManyVids with their favorite webcam site to help generate more money.  Many sites like have gotten lots of positive reviews on ManyVids.

In this full ManyVids review I am going to cover the following:

ManyVids Pros & Cons


  • Sell lots of different items.
  • Lots of money making potential.
  • 60% payouts.
  • Free videos.
  • Great quality professional and amateur videos.
  • Monthly contest.
  • Great support.
  • Helpful community.


  • No live streaming videos.

Who Is ManyVids For

ManyVids is for women, men, and transgenders.

A lot of people think that ManyVids is just for selling your adult videos.  I can certainly see how people would think that.  Seeing how the name “ManyVids” suggest that they just offer videos.  However, you can buy and sell videos, pictures, panties, Skype, Snapchat, phone numbers, etc.

Inside Look At ManyVids

Signing up and getting started with ManyVids was a really easy process.  I picked out my username, entered my email, and typed in a password.  There was a confirmation message that was emailed to me instantly.  I didn’t have to put any of my credit card details in.

Then I logged into my buyer account.  Don’t worry; I will talk about sellers account in a bit.

So you will see trending videos and other videos that you can purchase.  Pretty much everything on the homepage is the “MV Stars” videos.  Along, the top right side you can sort by:

  • Being viewed.
  • Newest.
  • Most loved.
  • Most views.
  • Best rating.
  • Duration.
  • Top video in a given month.
  • Top sold.
  • Crowned videos.
  • Top 100 fetish videos.

There is a slider button that are going to want to click on if you looking to purchase some videos.   Once you click on it, you see a search page.  Down below is what it looks like:

ManyVids Search

Then, you can choose from:

  • Categories
  • Content type.
  • Model attributes.
  • Price range ($3.99 to $349.99).
  • Intensity (from soft to hardcore).
  • Video formats.

Free Videos

I should mention there are lots of free videos.  These are usually only a couple minutes long.  Some of them are longer than 10 minutes.  But, the majority of them are trailers or fairly short videos.

Purchased Videos

It’s really pretty straightforward to buy videos with

I have purchased videos, and I was satisfied with them.  I bought a couple of cheaper ones and a couple $25 videos, too.  The quality of them was HD.  Once, you purchase them you can click on your “purchase history” in the top right under your profile.  You can then download the videos, watch the stream, and leave a review.

Selling Your Videos

Selling your videos is easy with ManyVids.  There is a 2 GB maximum size for uploading your videos.  But, you can upload them a variety of formats.  The supported formats are:

  • .MP4.
  • .M4V.
  • .MOV.
  • .MPG /.MPEG.
  • .WMV.
  • .FLV.
  • .AVI.

I would highly recommend you check out this video by Lana Rain which shows how she edits her videos before she uploads them to ManyVids:


ManyVids Profile

The profiles with Manyvids are very well organized.  The layout is very simple and effective, though.  Many vids does allow you to link to your other cam sites.  Some cam sites don’t want you linking away from them ( like ImLive please see my ImLive review here).

Your profile does allow you to upload videos, pictures, you have a wall (much like Facebook), about me page, and a store.  The store is great because you can sell:

  • Worn panties.
  • Snapchat Access.
  • Skype shows.
  • Custom videos.
  • Your cell phone number.

Also, if you want to sell your cell phone number for texting or phone sex you can charge for 1, 3, and 6 months of access.  Additionally, you can sell access to everything on your profile for 3, 6, and 12 months.


ManyVids Contest

Manyvids does reward their top cam girls, boys, producers, and transgender models.  They give away 20,000 every month to their users.  This is a nice extra added bonus for using their website.  A lot of sites like (see MyFreeCams review) do this, too.

Getting Help With ManyVids

How good is ManyVids customer support?

Rock solid.  I have tried and tested them out.  ManyVids does have a pretty extensive help section.  You can visit their FAQ’s section here.  But, I have talked with lots of webcam models, and they state the members at ManyVids are very helpful, too.  Therefore, you can get some good advice from members at ManyVids that have been in the adult webcam business for years.

Prices With ManyVids

You do have to have a monthly membership to PM people with (like Chaturbate see my Chaturbate review).  These are the prices:

Manyvids Monthly Subscription
Money With ManyVids For Webcam models

ManyVids does pay 60% of your revenues that you sell on their site.  There is a $50 minimum, though.  You will be paid on the 1st and 16th of every month.  Here are the ways you can get paid out:

  • FREE direct deposit to 38 Countries! (Payout minimum $100)
  • US Checks by mail (Payout minimum $100)
  • Payoneer (Minimum $50 in earnings to be sent)

ManyVids Final Verdict

Do I recommend ManyVids?  Yes!  It’s great for webcam models.  The website is very easy to use.  Also, it’s great for people wanting to buy videos, pictures, panties, Skype shows, etc.  You can earn additional income by linking to ManyVids on your other cam profiles.  Then, people can buy your videos, pictures, etc.

Personally, I like it for buying videos, too.   ManyVids is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to get in adult camming or who wants some great videos, pictures, etc.

Still got questions about ManyVids?  Please leave a comment down below.  Do you have experience with ManyVids, though?  Please contribute to this Manyvids review if you have any experience with Manyvids.

ManyVids Review
  • Traffic
  • Payment
  • Support
  • Ease of Use


ManyVids is an excellent place to sell your adult content. They have monthly giveaways and a strong user-base. I have a lot of positive things to say about ManyVids. Lots of webcam models use ManyVids to sell videos, pictures, etc. I highly encourage you to sign up with ManyVids today.

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