A website for your webcam modeling.  Does it sound like something right up your alley? 

So, your webcamming is starting to take off now.  It can be an exciting time in your webcam modeling ventures. I’m sure somewhere along the way someone probably told you, “you should have a website since your a webcam model”. At first, you’re probably like that is a great idea. Then, you sit down and you think about it. A little bell goes off in your head and says “Shit, I don’t know the first thing about creating a website”.

You might be thinking you can hire someone to create a website. While this might not be a bad option it would end up costing you $1,000 to $2,000 for a website. Unless you wanted to pay for something that looks like it was developed by a 16-year-old. You could always go the cheap route, but that wouldn’t look very professional and you want something that looks nice, don’t you?

So, I created this article to show you how you can get a website for your webcam modeling needs. I should note that I have been creating websites for over 10 years. I am not looking to create any websites for cam models, though. Years ago I used to create websites for clients, but now only do them for my niche sites. So, let me make it perfectly clear I am not looking to create a website for you.  However, I am going to show you how you can get one created for free, though.  If that sounds interesting please keep reading!

Let me introduce ModelCentro for creating a website for a webcam model.  Over the last couple weeks, I got the opportunity to experiment with it. This article is going to cover the following:

Pros & Cons of ModelCentro


  • No Setup Fees.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sell videos, pictures, etc.
  • Make more money with your camming.
  • Great support.
  • Good reputation.


  • No live chat option.
  • Could be more templates.

Who Is ModelCentro For

Obviously, ModelCentro is for webcam models. It was developed for cam models that want to create a website. Many models get frustrated by having to hire a developer, pay monthly fees for changes, and all the hassles that come with communicating back and forth with a nerdy internet developer.  So, with ModelCentro you can create a website and sell your products all without having to know any coding or shit about creating a website.

Inside Look At ModelCentro

You have to register an account to sign up with them in order to get started.  So, I signed up with ModelCentro through their sign up page. You can use Twitter and Facebook to sign up. For me, I simply linked my Twitter to my ModelCentro account. The sign-up process was very easy. Within, a minute or two I was able to login to the dashboard.

ModelCentro Steps

Above you see a screenshot of what it looks like when you log into ModelCentro for the first time. There are 6 steps you need to follow to get your website in working order. Here are the six steps:

  • Step 1. Customize Your Design.
  • Step 2. Set Up Join Options.
  • Step 3. Verify Your Age & Identity.
  • Step 4. Add Video.
  • Step 5. Add Photoset.
  • Step 6. Announce The Website.

For step one I clicked on “Customize Your Design” and was prompted to this page:

ModelCentro Layout

There are a lot of different layouts you can choose from. 5 of them to be exact. However, each one has 8 to 12 different color swatches you can use. For my test site, I picked the “Black Diamond” template. I toyed around with adding graphics, text, etc. and ModelCentro was very easy to use. You simply just click on an element and then you can upload photos, type in text, etc.

The Design tab allows you to adjust the following:

  • Site Background.
  • Edit Logo Text.
  • Upload Image Logo
  • Change Header Image.
  • Footer Text.

The Tour tab gives you tutorials. The following tutorials are included:

  • Change Welcome Video.
  • Change Welcome Banner.
  • Edit Welcome Text.
  • Change Splash Background.
  • Change Join Background.
  • Change Public Profile Photo.


Pages allow you to make changes to different pages on your website. You can simply change the different pages here. However, you’re also allowed to change the following:

  • Sponsors Background Image.
  • Latest Video.
  • Latest Photosets.
  • Join Button.
  • Join Banner 1 Text.
  • Join Banner 2 Text.
  • Newsletter Title
  • Newsletter Description.

ModelCentro Test Site

As you can see from the screenshot above I was able to create a website in about 15 minutes. However, I haven’t configured all the settings that you will want to configure with your ModelCentro site.

Join Options

Next, I clicked on Step 2, which is “Join Options”. This is where you can configure your monthly membership prices to your website.  (Also, see my OnlyFans review, which is a great option for turning your Twitter into a monthly residual income machine). As you can see this is how the Options settings look:

Subscription ModelCentro

By default 1-month subscriptions are $29.95/month, 3-month membership is $24.98/month, and 12 months is $12.50/month. However, you can create your own “Join Options” settings and put in your own prices if you want. I should note that the lowest price you can put in is $2/month.

Free Trial

I really, do like how ModelCentro allows you to do membership trials.  We all like to try stuff before we buy it! You simply put in how much you want the trial to be for between 1 and 7 days with the price. If they don’t cancel their membership you can put in how much it will cost per month and for how many months, too.

Tips Settings

Also, you can create “Tip Settings”. This allows you to accept tips from people that want to give you money. It can be between $1 and $9,999.

Live show rates

Lastly, for the “Join Options” you can specify how much you want to charge for “private fan show”. This is just for one fan. Think of it as a private show for one fan. But, basically, you just specify how much you want to charge for a minute. $1 is the cheapest you can go, and $99/min is the maximum allowed.

Kaci Kash Twitter Profile

I did upload a test photo of Kaci Kash, one of the best Chaturbate webcam models (because she is awesome!). Might want to check out my interview I did with her on making money as a webcam model.

Adding Images & Videos

The next two are pretty self-explanatory. You can add videos and photo sets to your website. To do this you either click on add videos or photo sets and you can upload your files. They do support the following files for videos: AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPG, MPEG, MOV, FLV, WMV. ModelCentro supports the following files for pictures: jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.png, *.zip, *.tif.

Obviously, you’re not allowed to upload any content that has copyrights.  Also, uploading underage pornography isn’t tolerated with ModelCentro.  Lastly, no uploading pictures of violence.

Next, I want to go back to the dashboard where you can make all kinds of changes to your website.  There are a lot of settings that you can configure within the dashboard of ModelCentro.  So, you do have a lot of flexibility on what you can do with ModelCentro.

Managing Your Settings With ModelCentro

Lastly, I want to show you the dashboard. There are a lot of settings you can adjust to your needs.  Some of them might sound kind of basic, but I will try to explain them the best I can.

  • You can manage your inbox settings. This means your messages and comments. There is a dashboard are where you can see your messages.  This works the same way as ManyVids (see ManyVids review). The comments are part of your blog section that people may leave on your website.
  • Manage your store items. You can manage your videos, photos, add from your video library, and add from your photoset library.  Then you can add your pictures and videos to your store.  You can specify how much you want to charge.
  • Update people on “My News”. This means adding a blog announcement or you can easily insert a calendar on your website. The calendar allows you for keying in important dates which are very helpful to let your fans know what is going on with you.
  • My Site” is where you manage your videos, photo sets, live shows, uploads, and guest models. Live shows are fully integrated by ModelCentro and allow you to start a live show. However, you must first verify your age.  The guest models allow you to add your friends. Here you can enter their stage name, birth date, sex, model ID, contact info, email, about the model, upsell links and text.  Lastly, you can specify their hair color, eyes, tattoo, piercings, measurements, height, weight, and even link models to content on your site.
  • “My Fans”.  You can keep tabs on your fans here.  Also, you can manually add fans to your site.  Furthermore, you can view all your transactions, too.

When you have everything setup the way you want it, you need to verify your ID and then you can publish your website.  Then, you can start generating money with your new website.

Getting Help With ModelCentro

Contact ModelCentroSo, how good is ModelCentro’s customer support?

Whenever I was working on my test site I did notice that there was a little chat icon on the bottom right. I did click on it and asked about making some text changes. I originally thought this was a “live chat” button, but it looks like it’s a messaging system where a ModelCentro support team member will get back with you. As you can see it stated that they would reply within 1 day. The actual time in which it took ModelCentro to reply was actually 7 hours.

With other attempts, ModelCentro did reply within 15-20 minutes at times, too.

Also, there is a community section which you can find on your dashboard. You have to put in your community pen name and then you can see all the community questions. There is a lot that is covered in their community section, too.

Also, there is a help link which does have a handful of frequently asked questions.

From my experience, I was happy with ModelCentro’s customer support.  Ashley was very helpful in taking care of my questions.  You do have to wait over 6 hours but really it wasn’t a big deal.  

Prices With ModelCentro

So how much does ModelCentro cost?

Well, a lot of website builders will have setup fees, upfront fees, monthly maintenance fees, cancellation fees, etc. This is not what ModelCentro is about, though. Instead, you don’t pay one penny to start with ModelCentro. It’s completely free to sign up with them. However, once you start selling different products and services here are the following fees:

  • 10% processing fee.
  • 75% from your total subscription fees.
  • 25% from the remainder. This is a ModelCentro fee.

ModelCentro Final Verdict

Do I recommend you sign up with ModelCentro? Yes, it’s a very solid option for webcam models that are looking to create a website.

Hiring a web designer can cost you thousands of dollars. ModelCentro allows you to do it free, but only takes a fee whenever you sell content, memberships, etc. Therefore, there really isn’t any kind of risk on your end.  I was pleasantly surprised on how easy ModelCentro was to use.

From my experience using ModelCentro, was very easy to use and I could easily get a website up in about 20 to 30 minutes.  For some, it might take a little longer, though. I’m actually very happy that I got the chance to try out ModelCentro for myself.  I have some screenshots down below from other cam models that are using ModelCentro:

ChellieDD ModelCentro Website

Here is ChellieDD’s website which you can go to at: http://www.chelliedd.com.  She is a very successful cam model that cams on Streamate (see Streamate review).

Dani Daniels Website

Here is Dani Daniels which you can go to at: danidaniels.com.   She is a successful adult performer and she can be found camming at CamSoda.com. Also, you can check her out on OnlyFans.

Lisa Daniels Website

Here is Lisa Daniels website which you can find at: clublisadaniels.com.  She is a successful adult performer that you can find at Cams.com.

DiamondDollXX Website

DiamondDollXX has a website where you can check out at: diamonddollxx.com.  She is a very successful cam model that can be found on Live Jasmin (see Live Jasmin review).

Livia Choice Website

Liva Choice has a website at Liviachoicex.com.  She has won countless awards and is voted as the best webcam model of 2017.  She can be found camming on ImLive (see ImLive review).

Lastly, if you’re making money with your webcamming ventures and want a website I would highly recommend that you try out ModelCentro. It’s an excellent idea and it can be used to supplement your income.

You can sign up for ModelCentro and get started for free.

But, I want to hear from you and your experience with ModelCentro. Have you used it for your website?  Do you have any questions about ModelCentro that are not covered in this article? Let me know about your feedback on ModelCentro down below.

This is a webcam model approved article. It has been approved by LiviaChoice. LiviaChoice is the only writing model with articles on AVN, AW News, YNOT, XBIZ. LiviaChoice has been camming on ImLive.com for 8 years now. You can follower her on Twitter @LiviaChoiceXXX.

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