Who doesn’t need webcam show ideas for your adult shows?  Let’s face it we don’t always want to see the same thing over and over again.  I do suggest that if you’re lost on adult camming you read my webcam tips article.  So, I talked to several amateur cam models and asked them what the biggest problem they had with adult camming was.  To my surprise was they were always looking for webcam show ideas.

I do want to make it perfectly clear that you need to be camming for 3-4 hours at a time. You can always use different ideas for an hour and switch to something else. The goal is to mix it up and make it exciting for your viewers.

Always make sure you interact with your viewers, too. LiviaChoice (one of the best ImLive webam models) actually wrote an article on the new direction of the webcam industry which focuses on interacting with people.

Also, I can’t stress the importance of being in a good mood before you do any webcam show ideas. People react how you react towards them. If you create a positive experience for your viewers your shows will allow you to profit more.

I do understand that some of them will not work for you.  Don’t do anything your not comfortable doing!

The following webcam show ideas are in no particular order.  So, here is all the ideas I have for your webcam shows:

Strap-on Show

Strap-ons are great they are one of my favorite distractions.

Personally, I love strap-on shows.  They are one of my favorite kinds of shows to watch.  Just the other day I saw two girls going at it hardcore on Chaturbate (see my Chaturbate review).  Personally, I know three girls that all they do is bang each other with strap-ons.  They make really good money!  They made tons of tokens!  Strap-ons are pretty cheap nowadays, and you will make your money back in no time.

Also, if your boyfriend wants to have fun with one don’t be scared to try it out on webcam.  However, you might want to practice beforehand, so you don’t have an embarrassing webcam show.  I have seen some pretty funny bloopers in my years of watching adult shows.

You can set up goals on a lot of the different webcam sites. For instance, once you get a goal of 3,000 you could fuck with the strap-on. Also, you could do 10 goals of 200; when the goal is reached use the strap-on. You can even do a strap-on show in a private for whatever you want to charge for it. Find out what works best for you and rinse and repeat.

Cam With Other Camgirls

I have seen camgirls cam together. For instance, I have seen Kaci Kash and Victory Stacks camming together. In fact, they do it all the tame. Let’s face it camming with someone else is just funner sometimes. SexxyLorry and Maya do it on every show. The list could go on and on from cam models that cam together. It’s a great way to cross-promote each other, too.

If you’re looking to cam with another you can reach out to them through social media. Twitter would be my preferred way of reaching out to another webcam model, though.

Also, you can go to CamGirlBB.com and find a camgirl that is near you that might want to cam together. They do verify all their members and I would highly recommend talking to the girl on the phone and getting to know her before you cam together.

Music Show

Amy Valentine LegsJust because you’re a cam model doesn’t mean you have to always be doing some kind of sexual activity. In fact, if you do after awhile it might seem to get tiring and cumbersome.

Music is a great way to do a webcam show. One, model that does this exclusively is Amy Valentine. She has fun just dancing while oldies or classic rock is playing. She does a sexy strip and sometimes gets fully naked in her shows. She is a softcore model and doesn’t do any dildo playing or anything, she just dances and listens to music.

Also, there are several models that charge their viewers tokens to change the song, request songs, etc.

Naked Countdowns

In order to make tokens on camming sites sometimes you just need to put a little pressure on your viewers.

So, you’re going to use an app on wherever you’re camming. What you want to do is do a countdown until you remove an article of clothing. For instance, you can do a countdown until you remove your bra, panties, etc.

Set goals, though. Once a goal is removed and the counter is going this puts pressure on people that are viewing your show to actively tip you before the counter hits zero.

Promotional Offers

I have seen this work time and time again.

For 15 to 30 minutes at a time run a promotional offer. This offer could include your videos, pictures, Snapchat. for a discounted price.

This is a great tactic for squeezing more tokens out of your viewers and into your account. Chances are if they are tuning in and you offer them something for cheaper they will go for it.

Also, with Snapchat people love to see what you doing when you’re not camming. If they can purchase your Snapchat for a one-time fee at a reduced rate it’s a great way to make money quickly.

Different Camera Angles

Personally, I like the “birds eye view show.  I have seen birds eye views shows do really good on adult cam shows.  I have seen lots of good ones over the years.  All you have to do is put the camera up high.  It makes an awesome viewpoint that guys love to watch.  Sometimes just changing the camera angle can be all the difference between in the world.  Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

Also, let’s say you are playing with your spouse.  You can put different angles on the tip menu.  You will be surprised how quickly the tokens add up from people just paying to change the camera angle.

Here are some ideas:

  • 150 tokens POV.
  • 160 birds eye.
  • 170 tokens behind view.

Riding A Dildo Show

Let’s face it it action is what a lot of people want to see on camming sites.  Put it on your tip menu that you can ride a dildo, have different sizes, etc.  You can charge more for bigger ones, set goals, etc.  Hell, you can even sell your dildo after you use it.

I recommend riding dildos for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.  It’s one of the best ways to make a successful webcam show.  Make sure you talk dirty and constantly thank people for tipping you.  I have seen shows where that is all the cam girls did.  People can’t get enough of that.  I actually wrote an article on the best vibrating dildos that I suggest you check out.

Also, if you don’t want to ride a dildo for 20-30 minutes can always put it in your tip menu as something you will do.  Different things work for different webcam models.  It something you can certainly do for a little while.  I wouldn’t suggest doing it for 4 hours though.  Might start to feel like a zombie if you do.

Also, I have seen webcam models charge more to stick the dildo in their ass.  Only do it if you’re comfortable with it.  Lastly, you can sell the used dildo on ManyVids (see my ManyVids.com review).

Threesome Show

ThreesomeThreesomes are hot.  Everyone likes watching two guys bang one girl.  Hell, people like watching three girls bang each other, too.  Make some friends and get them to join in on some webcam fun.  Don’t meet some stranger on the internet and ask him/her to fuck you though.  

No, I am not stating that you should go to Craigslist and ask some random strangers to gangbang you. I wouldn’t even suggest finding people on AdultFriendFinder.com.

It could be something as simple as making out and once a tip goal is met all three of you will get down and dirty.  I have seen various cam models do this over the years.

Lovense Show

Lush Lovense

Lovense is a webcam model’s best friend, period.

These are interactive sex toys which can literally generate you money. They are very popular within the webcamming community. If I had to take a wild guess I would say 8 out of 10 webcam models have one of the Lovense products.

Personally, I love seeing girls put Lovense in their butt or vagina.  It’s a great idea to invest in a Lovense product.  I do recommend getting the Lush product.  It works great for webcam shows.

The idea behind the Lush is when people tip you it vibrates.  So, people will tip you higher amounts to make you squirm with enjoyment.  You can charge people to take full control, charge more to put it in your ass, etc.

Cum Show

Cum ShowPeople love watching girls cum.  Beforehand  Just being able to will be a money maker for your shows.  Personally, I have seen cum shows do very well on adult webcam shows.  I would recommend getting a wand because these vibrators are very good at helping you reach an orgasm.

But, make sure you don’t cum too quickly.  Make sure there are lots of people in your shows.  Once, you start masturbating you will see people start to tip you like crazy.

You can build up to a cum show, too.  I have seen this done time and time again.  Once, you hit a certain amount of tokens you can perform a cum show.  Here is a good money maker tip; sell your cum soaked panties after the show.  You will be surprised how much people will pay for them.

Bondage Show

If you’re into bondage, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to do a bondage show.  There are tons of people that would watch your bondage shows.  People love bondage.  It’s a big multi-billion dollar industry.  So, you should certainly tap into the market.  There is so much you could do with bondage.  There are all kinds of kinky outfits, toys, etc. that you can purchase to help you with your bondage shows.

Personally, I know some webcam models that do very good with bondage.  They rehearse their shows.  Then, they record their shows and sell them over and over again.

Bang A Friend Show

Bang A Friend ShowAre you married or in a relationship.  If so just ask your partner to have some fun with you on your webcam show.  Just talk with your partner before you do the show so that you can discuss what you want to do.  Maybe, he has a hot friend that wouldn’t mind banging you on your cam show.  Most men won’t turn that down.  You can start with some foreplay before getting into a penetration show.  It’s a fact; people just like to watch people play together.

Maybe, he has a hot friend that wouldn’t mind banging you on your cam show.  Most men won’t turn that down.  You can start with some foreplay before getting into a penetration show.  It’s a fact; people just like to watch people play together.   Also, if you are always just playing by yourself, you might want to mix it up from time to time.

Deepthroat Show

Deep Throat ShowI know a couple of webcam models that all they do is deepthroat their boyfriend.  They do it for an hour or so.  They make very decent money at it, too.

Who doesn’t like to watch a good you are?  Did you know it’s one of the most successful webcam show ideas that models have been using for quite some time?  Therefore, you should go down on him.  He will enjoy it I promise.

Do it nice and slow, and you will see your tips increase over time.  Also, if you don’t have a man you can always deepthroat a dildo.  Lastly, ou can add to your tip menu that you will gag on his rod for a certain amount of tokens.

Food Show

Whipped Cream ShowFood shows are great for adult cam shows. No, I am not stating that you should get a big bucket of chicken and eat for your shows. That would probably be pretty funny, but people probably wouldn’t view your shows to watch you eat chicken.

Instead, you could use whipped cream. There is a lot you could do with whipped cream. Put, it on your boobs, ass, pussy. Then let someone lick it off you. I seen a whipped cream show the other day where this guy sprayed it in his girlfriends pussy and had sex with her. It was very hot!

Sex Machine Show

Lovebots Maestro Multi-faceted Sex Machine
List Price:$461.53
You Save:$11.58
Price Disclaimer
Just the other day I watched a webcam on MyFreeCams.com (see MyFreeCam reviews). All this girl did is use her sex machine.  It went in and out of her butt and vagina.  You can use different sizes of dildos.  Charge more for going in your butt and the different sizes.  You can control the speed of the machine.  You can even have it do double penetration on you.

Personally, I have seen lots of webcam girls that just play with their sex machine for 2-4 hours.  It seems for every show they do they usually make 200 to 250+ dollars for each show.  Not a bad income stream for having a machine bang you!  Just make sure your are careful the first time you use it.

Some models like Molly Kat and Lady Anal do this exclusively.  I have written an article on sex machines which I would highly recommend you check out.

Dildo On The Wall Show

Dildos on walls are a goldmine.  Seriously, you should try it.

The great thing about a dildo show is you don’t need a friend.  Well, one that can talk, anyway.  Instead, you just put the dildo on the wall and do your thing.  People love to watch these different shows.  A dildo on a wall is a great investment.

Just make sure you put it low on the wall so that your knees can rest on the floor.  Might take some practice, but sometimes they do fall.  If you have different sizes, you can set goals and use bigger ones once you start reaching your goals.  I have seen a lot of successful dildo shows in my days.

Baby Oil Show

Personally, you can add baby oil to any webcam show you do.

I have seen Buttery Bubble Butt (who is one of the best chaturbate webcam models) use baby oil hundreds of times.  It works well for her and people really can’t get enough of watching her all oiled up.

Get creative with it.  People love watching people that are soaked in baby oil.  It’s very sexual, so you should use baby oil because it’s cheap.  Put the baby oil on your butt and boobs and take note on how much more people tip.  It’s good for your skin, too!  You might want to experiment with different kinds of oils because some have noticed that their body breaks out from baby oil use.

Also, you can use it in your tip menu and make extra tips just by putting on baby oil.  You have no excuse not to use it.  It is dirt cheap, too.  Hell, put it on your Amazon wishlist if you have to.

Sexy Outfit Show

I love sexy outfits.  They can help increase your profits when running a cam show.  There are thousands of sexy outfits you can purchase.  It could be anything from lingerie to sexy costumes.  It’s a good idea to have 5-7 outfits at your disposal.  The more, the better, though.

Also, make sure you have lots of sexy panties.  You can sell your panties through your webcam shows.  You can charge people for the exact shows your wearing on your show.  People go crazy over sexy panties for webcam shows.  So, you should certainly take advantage of it.

Butt Plug Show

Butt plug shows are great.  Just the other day I bought my favorite webcam girl a butt plug starter set.  She hasn’t ever used them, but once she got them, she learned that she could do a show with them.  Guess what they have made her some good money, now.

They come in different sizes.  So you can put on your tip menu to insert one that they can give you tokens to insert them.

Also, for bigger ones charge more tips for the bigger sizes.

You can insert them before anal intercourse, too.  I saw a show the other night where this girl used one on her boyfriend for the first time.  The show was very successful, and I noticed that people were tipping a lot!

Lastly, Sammy Sabble a popular Chaturbate model uses butt plugs and dildos in her ass almost exclusively.  She was the Anal Queen Of The Year 2017.  Her shows are some of the most exciting shows to watch!

Footjob Job Shows

Foot Job ShowPeople love footjobs.  There is something so sexual about women’s feet.  I watch webcam shows all the time, and people request foot jobs all the time.  So, much that camgirls are putting them on their tip menu.  Chances are you have feet so you should certainly make some money with them.  So, go out and get a nice pedicure and implement them into your webcam shows.  Sexy feet are always in demand.

Chances are you have feet so you should certainly make some money with them.  So, go out get a nice pedicure and implement them into your webcam shows.  Sexy feet are big money makers!

Massage Shows

Massage ShowWho does like getting a massage?

Get a massage table or just lay on the bed.  Give your partner a massage.  That or you can have a massage given to you.  Use some baby oil and make it even a better massage.  Not to mention it helps with getting you in the mood.

You can talk dirty while getting a massage which people love.  Hell, you can even do a voice chat and charge people to listen to you talk dirty while you’re getting a massage.

Erotic Story Show

Erotic ShowDo you have a sexy voice?  You should make some money with it.  Personally, I know a model that gives a show where she tells people about her sexual encounters that she has had.  Commonly, I see people buying Skype or phone sex shows from her.  She charges about $30 for 15 minutes.  People tune in every night just to hear these erotic stories.  It helps to tease people while you’re telling your stories, too.

Do A Game Show

Game ShowGame shows are great.  Personally, they keep it lighthearted, but people tip while you’re doing different stuff.  The best part is people tip you while you’re playing a game.  There are so many different types of games you can use with online cams.  To do this, you’re going to want to use an app or bot.

You can even use an old fashion spin wheel, too.  I have seen webcam models do these over the years.  Have some fun with your games and reward people for playing the game.  Ever once and a while when someone tips a specified amount gives them a video, pictures, etc. for free.  People go ape shit about free stuff!

Role Play Shows

Role-playing is fun.  It’s just acting, but it taps into a lot of peoples fetishes.  Here are some ideas for role play shows:

  • Schoolgirl and teacher.
  • Naughty school girl.
  • Superhero.
  • Stripper pole.
  • The naughty librarian.
  • Doctor and patient.
  • Hooker & John.
  • Teacher & Student.
  • Step Brother & Sister.
  • Mild & Younger.
  • Discreet encounter.
  • Foreign exchange student.
  • Nympho.
  • Dirty nurse.
  • Maid.

Body Paint Show

Are you the artsy fartsy type?  If you are, you have got to try body paint.

Just a few days I was chatting with a beautiful cam model.  I always enjoyed her shows, but the thing that caught my eye was the glow in the dark body paint that she was using.  It isn’t something you see every day, so it obviously worked for her.  Go ahead and get somebody paint and have some fun with it.

It isn’t something you see every day, so it obviously worked for her.  Go ahead and get somebody paint and have some fun with it.

Shower Shows

Shower ShowPeople love to watch people take showers.  They are very sexual and why not take a shower and put it up on a live cam for everyone to see.  People will tip you for taking a shower.  You can have some fun with it and pleasure yourself while in the shower.  You can even have a friend over and shower together.  The possibilities are endless when talking about shower webcam shows.

You can even have a friend over and shower together.  The possibilities are endless when talking about shower webcam shows.  People start tipping a lot when you get wet and start playing with your snatch.

Remote Location Shows

Remote ShowYou don’t just have to do your shows in your room or the same location.  Mix it up every once in awhile.  Do a show outside on a blanket.  Have a show in your car where you suck off your boyfriend.  Do a show in a hotel while you get tied up.  Have sex in the hot tub.  Have sex around the pool.  Do it a location that people wouldn’t think to see people having sex in.  Use your imagination.

Have fun with shooting cam shows in different locations.  You don’t always have to do shows in the same bedroom or spot where you do every show.  Mix it up from time to time.

Pole Dancing Show

Strippers make money dancing on stage and stripper poles.  You can easily purchase a stripper pole for cheaper than you might think.  There are all kinds of dances you can do with stripper polls.  I have seen cam shows where people tipped a lot from these shows.  It might take a bit of practice, but it’s an investment that is worth it.  Also, you get a workout from these poles.  So, your staying in shape and making money do it.

I have seen cam shows where people tipped a lot from these shows.  It might take a bit of practice, but it’s an investment that is worth it.  Also, you get a workout from these poles.  So, you are staying in shape and making money to do it.

Holiday Show

Holiday showPeople view live cam shows a lot over the holiday season.  Take advantage of the holidays and make special shows which relate to holidays.  For instance, you can buy a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit.  Who doesn’t want to see Mrs. Claus get poked by a Christmas tree?  Use your imagination, and I am sure you can come up with some good holiday webcam shows.

Internet traffic spikes around the holidays and people have more money to spend, too.  Therefore, if you’re not doing a holiday show you’re missing out on a great opportunity.  Use your imagination, and I am sure you can come up with some good holiday webcam shows.

Car Wash Show

Sexy Car WashWho doesn’t have a sexy car wash fantasy?  Get a garden hose out and make some big soap suds  All you have to do is look around the internet, and you can see lots of sexy car wash videos.

There is a market for it.  Therefore, you should tap into that target audience.  Push your butt out and wash the car with your breast.    That and you can get your car cleaned and some sun.  Who cares if the car isn’t clean when you are done, though, the money you made doing the show will pay for a car wash.

Maid Cleaning Show

Escante French Maid, Black/White, Small
List Price:$37.23
Price Disclaimer
Dirty maids have always been hot to me.  For men, seeing a women cleaning and being sexual is a huge turn on.  Don’t ask me why, but it just is.  Therefore, you can clean the house/apartment with some little skimpy outfits.  Have some fun with it and bend over a lot and show some skin.  Also, you will get paid for cleaning your house.  What’s not to love about that?

Who knows maybe the maid show will end in a kinky sex show.  Lead up to it, and you will notice how much people tip when you build up to something.

Sexy Workout Show

Sexy WorkoutSome of the hottest cam shows I have seen been have been shot while women are doing yoga or working out.  Bend over a lot and show off your body.  If you have a friend with you, maybe things will start to get interesting.  People like to view live cam shows that are a tease.  There is always that “I wonder what is going to happen card” that people love.

Here is a pro tip for you.  Sell your skimpy workout shorts at the end of the sexy workout show.  People will buy them, and you will make even more money.

Webcam Show Ideas Conclusion

At the end beginning, middle and end of the show just ask your viewers what they want to see.  Tell them to send you a tweet on Twitter for a request.  When you notice a lot of people requesting something give them what they want.  You could even get some private shows where you can do whatever people want you to do.  You might be shocked that there is something people want to see that isn’t listed in this webcam show ideas article.

However, I would like to hear from my readers, though.  What has worked for you?  What hasn’t worked for you.  Let me know down in the comments section, so that we can all start creating webcam shows that are becoming a success.  Also, let us know what hasn’t worked in the past so others don’t make that same mistake.

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