Webcam model marketing Tips With Ivy AdamsWebcam model marketing can be tough if you don’t know what you’re doing.

I have read article after article about how webcam models market themselves. There is a lot of information that is not correct. However, using social media sites, forums, and adult content sites is a proven way to market yourself as a cam model.

So, got the opportunity to do an interview with Ivy Adams (one of the best MyFreeCam models)  See my review. She gives us lots of valuable webcam tips and tricks for webcam models and how they can market themselves.

In this article, I am going to cover the following.

Are there any good forum sites you should use?

ForumsPersonally, I like being part of model forums. Peer to peer networking is always the best and there are countless amounts of information on sites like and that has tons of industry insight and information. Response: There is a lot of excellent information on AmberCutie and Stripperweb. I use those forums exclusively to research new content ideas for Not to mention, you could get in contact with other like-minded people and ultimately have more success.

However, forums are great I wouldn’t advise investing a lot of time on them each day. Might consider limiting yourself to 30 minutes a couple of times a week, though.

What are the best ways to promote yourself on Twitter? (any good promotional accounts).

Twitter PromotionI think this comes down to your hustle style. The key with Twitter (or any social media) is to connect with your fanbase. The most important thing to remember is that Twitter is not a cam site. People aren’t using it with their wallets out ready to pay, you have to focus on long-term conversion through customer connection and brand loyalty. Tweet out other things besides your products/services. Ask people how their days are, tell jokes, have a personality. 🙂 It’s also a good idea to network with other cam models and promoters. If you have a strong base of support from other accounts, there can be a huge boost of engagement with your followers. Hustle style, I like those words. It can be safe to say that tweeting other content is always a smart move. In my years of marketing, I know the importance of tweeting others content more than your own. For every tweet you use to promote yourself I would recommend 3 others to help build a good social following. Also, I am a big fan of polls. Something like, “what should I do in my next video”?

People will often vote on your polls and some will retweet them. Thus, you will be able to reach more people that you wouldn’t ever have been able to reach.

What Twitter applications do you use for your Twitter?

I don’t use any applications. ? response: Personally, I love Hootsuite because it’s easy to use and you can schedule all your tweets for a week or so in advance. Not to mention, it’s very to keep tabs on your conversations. Additionally, I have heard a lot of cam models that use TweetDeck, too. It’s also a very good option.

What is a good Instagram strategy for marketing webcam models?

InstgramIn my opinion, Instagram is one of the best marketing tools for a model. Statistically speaking, Instagram is the number one fastest growing social media to date. My advice is to NOT market yourself solely as adult entertainment. Figure out how to market a more mainstream version of your brand. Keep it PG-13, post quality pictures, tag brands/companies in your posts and be consistent with your updates. The best times I have found to post are 12pmEST, 3:30pmEST and 6pmEST. If you have a Facebook page you can connect it to your Instagram and run your Instagram business tools which open up an insane amount of analytics and data that you can use to help further your marketing.

Remember on Instagram its quality of posts over quantity of posts. By tagging companies/brands you have the possibility of being reposted which will broaden your reach. Once you start to gain popularity, you can start to reach out to companies for brand ambassador opportunities, free SWAG etc.

I also recommend using the Instagram stories and live streaming to connect even further with your fanbase. The more connection they feel, the more conversions you have. Response: I agree that Instagram is a great way to gain new viewers. I think a lot of cam models don’t use Instagram. Seeing how it’s one of the most picture driven social media platforms on the market.  But, it’s good to know the times where you get the most user engagement, too.  That is one commonly overlooked aspect of using most social networks.

Should you upload your content to PornHub and other porn sites? (any good strategies for doing so)

PornhubThis will come down to personal preference, but personally, I say YES. Pornhub has a great model program that you can sign up for and receive ad revenue on any videos of you posted. They also run monthly/yearly contests with cash prizes.(Side note: If you have vids leaked, once you sign up to the program email model support and ask to have them all transferred to your control. They will put them under your page and will backpay you on all the ad revenue.)

Some models don’t have much side income from this but other models are bringing in checks monthly for hundreds. Regardless, if you have a nice amount of content or you are trying to reach a bigger audience there really isn’t anywhere better than Pornhub. In 2016 Pornhub had 64 Million views per day. That’s a lot of eyeballs.

Set your user profile to look professional, make sure your social media and other website links are visible. If you control your image on the tube sites, you control funneling of the traffic and any future leaked videos of you. Response: That is a really good idea about having leaked or stolen content transferred to your account.  It’s a matter of time before it’s going to happen. It’s great to see an excellent tactic about turning a negative into a positive. I do recommend signing up for Pornhub and giving away some free content. But, do make sure you watermark it that way if anyone does steal it, it leads back to you.

Where is a good place to create your own webcam model fan site?

Webcam model camsiteAgain this depends on what you want to accomplish with your fan site, but if you are looking for something that is low maintenance and user-friendly, is a popular choice that a lot of models use. is another solid choice. Although it’s not technically made for solely for adult use (more for social media influencers as a whole) you can post nudes and solo content. Response: I have always been a fan of creating fan sites. I like them because you can charge a monthly rate. This does allow you to make some monthly residual income in the process. I think a lot of webcam models are missing out by not using services like OnlyFans (see OnlyFans review).  But, also you must remember to engage if you want to keep your subscribers!

What are the 5 best ways to use Snapchat successfully?

SnapchatYou don’t need 5! Only a few core things. 🙂 Snapchat is one of the best marketing tools with 100 million daily active users. 54% of people who use Snapchat log in every day and 58% of users say they would purchase from a brand or product if offered a coupon through Snapchat.

Show your personality: Snap is a great way for fans to feel like they are part of your lives. Think of running it like a reality show. Show things you do through the day, make jokes, add in a bit of teasing and make the promotions for your products/services be the commercial breaks. Finding the balance between spam and subtle selling is key for any sales.

DO NOT POST NUDITY ON A PUBLIC SNAPCHAT. You will get shut down. No reason you can’t show personality without breaking their rules. Also be careful about posting links, if you are going to be posting links try making a graphic beforehand and uploading it to Snapchat versus typing within the app. Snap has algorithms that can track words (thus the deeply buried search option for finding snaps with certain keywords) so anything adult related or “premium snap” could trigger action.
Connect with your fans. Talk to them, ask them questions, get them involved with your brand on a “personal” level and you will see your engagement increase across all of your social media. Response:  Getting an account banned is probably one of the biggest problems that webcam models can make.  Losing all your contacts is a huge setback.  But, it’s important to note that if you use Snapchat you don’t want to violate their TOS.  Always make sure you have a Twitter account so you can connect with people if you do accidentally get an account banned, though.

What are some good tactics for driving traffic to your webcam shows?

Webcam ShowsThis comes down to basic supply and demand. First, you create the demand and then you supply the demand.

How do you do this? By engaging with your customers. I must sound like a broken record, but it’s honestly the most important thing you can do on social media. This age is called “The Age of the Customer” for a reason. Customers are in charge of shaping business strategies and deciding when and what to buy. The ONLY thing we have control of is shaping their experience and shaping the way they interact with our brand.

If you engage with your fanbase, they will click through when you post a link saying you are online. Think about the BIG mainstream companies. Taco Bell, Wendys etc. All of them have a strong social media personality. People feel like they are connected, a person who they can joke with. Makes them loyal to that brand and more likely to stop there when they see it. It’s the same concept for driving traffic to your shows. Make them WANT to come see you. Create the demand. response: Engaging with people is one commonly overlooked facet to building a solid brand. It’s great to have lots of content, but not engaging with your fans/viewers etc. is a huge mistake. Over the years I have seen people make this huge mistake.  Don’t think me, me, me.  Think of others and you will go further.

I actually wrote this article on webcam show ideas which should give models lots of different ideas on what they can do for their live shows.

I want to thank Ivy Adams for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this interview on webcam model marketing.  Ivy does an excellent job at marketing herself and has proven that if you use social media correctly you can have a lot of success. I really feel a lot of newer cam models need a little direction when they are marketing themselves.

Please leave your comments down below if you have anymore webcam model marketing tips or clarification of anything addressed in this interview.

This is a webcam model approved interview. Ivy Adams has been camming for several years. She cams on and has branded herself as one of the most well-known models in the industry. You can follow Ivy on Twitter and Instagram and subscribe to her Onlyfans  account to start connecting with her.

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