Lighting SetupLighting; it’s important without it people can’t see you.

I know I just hit you with some knowledge but let that sink in. Seriously with the addition to having a great webcam, it’s important that you understand how lighting works for your webcam shows.

Don’t just think that you can turn on your webcam and use your bedroom as your lighting. This might work for the novice cam model but if you’re serious about it you really need to understand webcam lighting.

How The Light Setup Works

A lot of people try to make it overly complicated.  But, really it’s pretty easy to understand.  There are three different lights that have different functions for your shows.  If you mess up one of them it’s going to give you an unfavorable outcome.  Don’t worry about all the luminosity, wattage, or whatever else lighting talk you might have heard.  Yes, I just said “light talk” it’s the technical term.  I’m going to lay it out for you in an easy to understand way.

So the below diagram shows you what a three-point lighting setup is:

Webcam Model Lighting

From the front, there are two lights. We’ll start with the one on the left; it’s generally called the “key light”. This light should be at a 45° angle from your webcam. Next, the light on the right is called a “fill light”. This light should be medium intensity and should be 50 to 75% of your “key light”.

The third light will need to be your backlight. This should be at low intensity. You will appear to be a silhouette during your shows if it’s too bright. This might look cool, but people won’t be able to see you very well.

Next, I will talk about your webcam. This is important for your lighting because if you have it at the wrong level it will throw off your lighting. The camera does need to be positioned at eye level. This can be different if you’re sitting on a chair or on a bed.

So, you’re probably wondering which lighting should you get? Below is the only umbrella light set you need. It’s certainly a worthwhile investment and it will ultimately allow you to make more money with your webcamming.

Photography Photo Portrait Studio 600W

This product is made by LimoStudio which allows you to create premium a premium studio setting at a budget price. This is an “Amazon’s Choice” product which means it gets the best reviews, is reasonably priced, and lots of webcam models use it for their webcam shows.

Here are the features that come with it:

  • Comes with 3 pieces.
  • 45W CFL bulb, bulb socket.
  • 33-inch umbrella reflector.
  • 86-inch light stand.
  • 28-inch light stand.
  • Bulb carry bag.
  • Photo equipment carry bag.

You don’t have to purchase any of the setup mentioned in this article, though. If money is really tight than you can make your own setup. Check out this article which shows some low budget solutions at: Also, for additional reading here is a good article I found that talks about light setups in further detail to at:

Hopefully, now you’re on the right track to set up your lighting for your webcam shows. Can be very confusing when you first start out and a lot of models will just use the natural light from their apartment or house, which isn’t a good idea. I suggest that once you start making more money or have the money to invest in a lighting setup that you go ahead and do it.

Please if you have any questions about lighting leave a comment below.

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