Twitter For Webcam ModelsTwitter marketing got you frustrated?

Well sorry, I don’t know shit about Twitter.  Just joking!

Twitter is a very powerful tool for webcam models. I remember years ago when I discovered Twitter. There was so much information out there and there are a lot of unethical ways to use Twitter which I’m sure a lot of people fall into the trap of. But over the years I’ve gotten pretty damn good at Twitter and I wanted to share some ways you can use Twitter correctly.

The beginning of this article is going to be kind of boring so bear with me while I show you the basics of Twitter for cam models. I’m going to assume you know how to use Twitter but if you don’t here’s a link that shows you the terminology: (from our friends at Mashable).

So the first thing is first to make sure you create a bio for your Twitter profile.

Jessica Wilde Twitter

Yes! Jessica liked one of my tweets! Happy dance! Sorry, I got excited. I will try to control my excitement. Life sucks :(.

Look at Jessica Wilde’s Twitter profile for example. Jessica has been featured in my article on social media (the YouTube section) also she is one of the best models on my list of favorites. She’s an awesome cam model with an amazing personality that cams at (see full MyFreeCams review here). She simply types out she’s a “cosmetic tattoo artist”, “INKED Cosmetic Studio”, “INKED Magazine contributing writer”.

You can use up to 160 characters in your Twitter bio. Also, do make sure that you link to your camming site in the bio and your personal website (if you have one) in the link spot.  Try to use hashtags in your bio.  You can go to to find good hashtags that are relevant to your camming ventures.

Additionally, you can link to your:

Here are some Twitter bios that I like:

Vickie Jay Bio TwitterRoselynn Locks Twitter Bio

Destiny Diaz Twitter BioBrooke Synn Twitter Bio

Next, which is very obvious but make sure you add a profile picture and a cover photo. Nothing looks shittier than having a blank photo on your Twitter profile and a generic Twitter cover. One awesome resource that I use is Canva to create my cover with the correct proportions. Also, your Twitter profile picture should be 400px X 400px.

LiviaChoice Twitter Profile

Go Follow LiviaChoice now! Unless you don’t like cool girls 🙂

Next, this is optional but you can change the color I’ve your Twitter profile. As you can see LiviaChoice (one of the top ImLive Models) has chosen the color pink. To do this you’re going to go to “edit profile” and change it to your desired color.

Twitter Theme Color

Ok, now we have gotten the basic stuff out of the way. Let’s talk about the meat and potatoes. How do you use Twitter correctly?

How Often Should You Tweet?

There isn’t any set number. I know what you’re saying that’s a crappy answer.  At least my trolls on AmberCutie would be saying that. Everyone kind of runs their Twitter account differently. However, I do want to point out the fact that you don’t want to tweet every 5-10 minutes. This could get kind of annoying if you do it all the time.

As a general rule of thumb, I like to tweet 5-8 times a day. Remember if you have your Manyvids automation turned on this could count as a tweet. You might want to disable the auto-posting if you don’t want it on your Twitter profile whenever you get sales on Manyvids. For instance, maybe every 5 sales. This is debated amongst webcam models, though.

You can use tools like Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule your automated tweets throughout the day. This will save you time and you can focus on making money with your webcamming rather than having to be glued to Twitter all day long.

Should You Use Twitter Hashtags

The simple answer is fuck yes! These allow more people to find your tweets regardless if they are following you or not. Here are some popular hashtags you can use:

  • #camgirl
  • #sexy
  • #liveshow
  • #nude
  • #NSFW

Here is an older but good article I found on hashtags, properties you can tweet up to help get your Twitter account some exposure:

What Should You Tweet?

A lot of webcam models start with a good morning tweet. For instance, JoleneBrody starts with a good morning tweet like this:

Use pictures and animated gifs as often as you can. Images work much better than just plain text on Twitter. If you have accolades, have won awards, etc. you should tweet about them like Caylin (one of the best Chaturbate models) does:

Also, you can do tweets like Sammy Sable does. She updates people on Twitter on her butthole. I really do find this amusing; it’s comical.  I crack up when I see these go on my Twitter feed:

Here is a good way Ivy Adams uses tweets.  Get a certain number of retweets and you get free boobs!  Love you Ivy!  See tweet down below:

I would also encourage you to announce when you’re on webcam, too. As stated above in this article make sure you use hashtags like #liveshow when you are online. This is a quick and easy way for people to get to your shows.  However, a lot of cam sites will automatically tweet when you are online.

I encouraged you to be fun and creative And try to make your Twitter something that people actually want to follow.  This could be special deals with your Snapchat, videos You have on YouTube, etc.

How Do You Get More Twitter Followers?

In order to get followers on Twitter, you just have to follow people that you find interesting.  Don’t be a dumbass and purchase them or use some automated tool.  You want loyal followers, not people that don’t give a damn about you.  Retweet their tweets.  Ask them questions.

Honestly just don’t be afraid to contact people, start up a discussion search for hashtags and jump into the discussion.  It does take time to build a decent following and you’re going to have to be pretty persistent at it.  Be sincere and talk to people like you would in real life.  But next, I will talk about how to engage people on Twitter which is ultimately part of getting more Twitter followers.

How Do You Get People To Engage On Twitter?

Don’t just think you can sign up for Twitter, automate everything and never actually engage with anyone.  If you do this you will surely fail, as far as Twitter is concerned.  You have to engage with people, answer questions if you want to have any marginal success on Twitter.

So, how do you engage with people on Twitter?

There are a variety of ways you can engage with people on Twitter.  Below I am going to show you some ways webcam models are doing it:

BrittnayyBenz used it to give away her nudes.  The action people needed to take was to have them tweet a screenshot that they voted for her for the XBIZ cam awards.  She then sends them nudes (now that’s a sweet ass, no pun intended; she does have a sweet ass, though)  Sorry I got distracted, back to reality:

Here is how Molly Kat runs a special.  People that want different products can get what they want for a reduced price.  It’s an awesome idea:

Should You Make Twitter Private?

Twitter PrivacyIt’s really up to you on whether or not you want to make your Twitter private. For instance, Amy Valentine and Kaci Kash currently have their Twitter accounts set to private. This means they have to approve of you before your allowed to view their Twitter.

You can run a non-nude Twitter and a private account that you charge money for, too. This is always an option, however, a lot of models just find it easier to use OnlyFans.

Twitter LocatonAlso, do make sure that you don’t have “Tweet with a location” checked and click on the “delete location information” within your privacy and safety settings on Twitter.  It’s very important that you’re safe on Twitter and your privacy is very important.  I can’t stress this enough!

LiviaChoice’s Tips For Social Media Marketing Strategy

LiviaChoice bed photoCommunication is a choice, but a double-handed choice. Which means it’s based on the interaction between two or more people who would like to communicate with each other.

Loyal customers are usually interested in feeling like they are part of their favorite model’s life – online and offline. So they are very curious and want to know: what does she like to do when she is not online? what does she like to eat? hows her natural look?

So try to work on professional and personal points when you are creating your social points and don’t forget to use potential keywords and hashtags!

Take care of and pay attention to your model profile, showing them your singularity (what do you have in yourself that makes you unique/ special?).

Keep in mind how fragile is the relationship between publishers and followers and that’s why every social media needs constant updating. Which means that social media has no weekends, holidays or vacations.

Remember that, for your members, yourself and your life is only validated when passed through the lens of social media: you are exactly what you want to show them, so, you are in control!

Final Thoughts On Twitter

Don’t make the mistake of measuring your success with how many Twitter followers you have. I talk to people that made it like a popularity race when really it’s not. What I mean by this is let’s say you had 50,000 followers and then of them ever actually engage with you. This would be pointless. However, let’s say you had 500 followers and they constantly interacted with you this would obviously be more worth your time.

As this interview by LiviaChoice shows engagement is the way the industry is moving anyway.  This is why I feel so strongly about not using automated tools to engage with people. So I highly recommend that you focus on people and not just a high number count.

Lastly, make sure you put your Twitter on your Chaturbate profile (see my Chaturbate reviews).  Some sites like ImLive (see my ImLive reviews) and Streamate (see my Streamate reviews) don’t allow you to post your Twitter on your profile page.

I want to hear from you.  What questions do you have on Twitter? Please leave a comment down below.  Anything you’re doing that is working.  Have you made mistakes?  Please leave a comment down below.

This is a webcam model approved article. It has been approved by LiviaChoice. LiviaChoice is the only writing model with articles on AVN, AW News, YNOT, XBIZ. LiviaChoice has been camming on for 8 years now. You can follower her on Twitter @LiviaChoiceXXX.

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