Best Social Media Sites For Webcam ModelsLooking for the best social media sites for your cam modeling ventures?

In the past, I have done an interview with Ivy Adams which shows us some webcam model marketing tips.  But, today I am going to be talking about social media.

These social media tips will help cam models grow their reach. Social media is a must for anyone who does adult webcam shows. You have to have a social presence to succeed. A lot of camgirls or cam models make the mistake of not using social media. Really, I can’t understand why because it’s free.

There are a number of social media sites you can use down below. However, I wouldn’t suggest that you sign up for every single one. Just pick 1 or 2 that you like and actively participate there. This simply means engaging others and offering some value to people that actively participate there. Make sure you add these sites to your promotion efforts and you will get more views and essentially make more money.

This article will cover the following social sites:

Liviachoice’s Tips If You Are Starting A New Social Media Account

LiviaChoice bed photoFirst of all, you need to create and fully define your online character/ your online persona. You can be a fetish girl. You can be a girl next door. You can be a femme fatale. You can be cute or naughty. Doesn’t matter who you choose to be, however you must choose to be someone (and I personally would like to suggest you to choose to be more or less close to your real self).

After choosing your character, now it’s time to validate your persona. And what I mean when I say “validate your persona”? It means to take pictures and write messages on social media to your members related to the character you choose to be.

I started studying the social media phenomenon in 2010 in my Ph.D., and my four years of research show that all social media works through four values, and you can apply that to being successful. And they are:

  • Visibility (value related to how often you are being exposed online).
  • Popularity (value related to how many followers you have).
  • Reputation (value related to what people are talking about you).
  • Authority (value related to how much influence you do have online).

Social Networks Sites For Cam Models


ChellieDD on Twitter

Ms Chillie uses Twitter and she has over 260,000 followers on Twitter. She does an excellent job at interacting with her followers on Twitter. It helps her tremendously with her cam modeling ventures. She cams at Streamate (see Streamate reviews) and has won numerous awards.


  • Install a Twitter App on your smartphone.
  • Use pictures (correct size 1,024 by 512 pixels)
  • Interact with other webcam models.
  • Share other models tweets.
  • Reply to mentions from people that reach out to you.
  • Include short videos (30 seconds long).
  • Follow other models. (network)
  • Stay consistent with your Twitter strategies.
  • Don’t spend all day on Twitter.

Twitter. Twitter is actually my favorite social network to use.  I wrote this guide to using Twitter for webcam models. This should be your best friend as a webcam model. I have been using Twitter for over 7 years and have got in contact with businesses and lots of people over the years. Do make sure you use hashtags and constant retweet others tweets to help grow your following. Some good hashtags to use are #NSFW, #camgirl, #porn, #chaturebate (or whatever cam site you cam at. There are many automated applications you can use to help grow your Twitter network. Not to mention, cam sites like (see reviews) and Chaturbate (see Chaturbate reviews) will promote you through their promo Twitter accounts.

Also, you can use OnlyFans (see OnlyFans reviews) to charge people a monthly rate to access your premium content.


Christina Rossi uses Tumblr. She has created lots of different post over the years. Christina does an excellent job of using the correct way. She posts lots of hot pictures, videos, etc. She sells content on ManyVids and they are awesome!

Tumblr. Tumblr is an adult-friendly microblogging site that has a big NSFW (Not Safe For Work) community. Make sure you use it if you want to succeed as a webcam model. You can use reblogs and help get your name out there. I would highly recommend using Tumblr for pictures. You can use “photoblogging” which does allow you to make your photos clickable to your cam profiles. Also, you can link to your website (if you have one), or ManyVids (see ManyVids reviews), or YouKandy (see YouKandy reviews), where you sell your videos.


Korina Kova Instagram

Korina Kova uses Instagram. She has over 95,000 followers on Instagram. Korina has some of the sexiest pictures on her profile and even integrates into her Instagram and she does link to her personal website.

Instagram I really like Instagram for cam models. However, I should warn you that they don’t allow nudity. They will ban your account if you violate their TOS. However, you can upload your sexy swimsuit photos to Instagram. Also, you can link to your website or cam site profile.


O Camgirl Pinterest

On fellow blogger that I really like how they are using Pinterest for their social media is O Camgirl. It’s a site kind of like that provides webcam models with advice. Not a huge following just under 300, but upon looking at their “pins” it looks like they are sharing a lot of good content.

Pinterest.  I have always like Pinterest. It’s perfect for cam models, too. Just like Instagram you can’t upload nudity to their social media platform. But, you can upload your sexy photos and share helpful articles you have read related to adult webcamming. Pinterest is the most image-driven social media platform you can use.


Jessica Wilde YouTube Channel

Jessica Wilde is one of the funniest camgirls I have ever watched.  Seriously, I absolutely love her personality.  Even if she was the ugliest girl in the world I would still marry her for her personality.  She creates a lot of videos on her YouTube.  I could learn a thing or two about branding myself with her video marketing.  She has everything from a tour of her home on cribs, baking with Jessica, serious rants, and just flat out entertaining videos.  Jessica is a cam model and uses  She is on my top list, too.

YouTube. YouTube is very conservative on what they allow on their site. Meaning, you can’t upload your squirting videos, cum shots, and double penetration videos to their site. They don’t tolerate any nudity otherwise your account will get suspended. However, you can upload your video blogs like Lana Rain another popular webcam model does.

Vine. This is a site that is excellent for uploading short videos. However, Vine does support adult-friendly videos it is a valuable site for webcam models. No nudity is supported on this site, and you do run the risk of getting your content marked as “sensitive”. However, you can make a video in sexy lingerie and other sexy videos. Also, Vine does all links, but you can use descriptions with relevant hashtags.  Although, YouTube is the number one video website on the internet.

DailyMotion. Dailymotion is the second best video site. It’s right below What I do like about Dailymotion is they do support adult content. This could be nude videos. However, this doesn’t mean you upload your porn videos here. But, you can link to your camming sites, and sites where you sell your adult content.

Google +

KDwow uses Google Docs to share her inspiring story on webcam modeling and how she got into it.  She shares her story in a public document with Google Docs that people can read.  This is then pinned on her Twitter so everyone can read it.  This is something I wish more webcam models would do.  It’s about her abusive relationship, past struggles with anorexia, streaming on Twitch, and how she discovers Chaturbate.  Katie is an advocate of mental health and actively uses her life experiences to help people.  Really, she is an outstanding person!  It’s really a neat idea and she provides inspiration to a lot of people.  (this isn’t an example of using Google +, but it does use their software).

Katie is on our list as one of the best Chaturbate girls, too!

Google+.  Google +1 is kind of picky about what they allow. Meaning you can’t just upload nude videos and pictures. However, you can link to your website as long as it isn’t a porn site. But, what Google +1 is great for is letting people know when you’re online. You can use keyword rich hashtags, and link to content that is PG13.


Anna Bell Peaks Facebook

Anna Bell Peaks is a webcam model that has been camming since 2014. She has been nominated 6 times with AVN. She does use Facebook to help market her webcam modeling ventures. Over 80,000 people have liked her page on Facebook. She updates her fanpage with announcements, work safe pictures and videos, her Amazon wishlist, links to her personal website, etc.

Facebook.  Adult content is not supported on Facebook. This doesn’t mean that you can’t upload sexy pictures to Facebook, though. Just make sure there is no nudity on the website or content you are sharing. Otherwise, your account will get deleted in a matter of minutes. If you’re going to use Facebook I would highly recommend setting up a new account rather than your main Facebook account. Facebook is very quick to ban accounts so make sure you don’t do anything that violates their TOS.

Porn Sites

Princessberpl PornHub

Princessberpl is the ManyVids fetish star of the year.  She uses PornHub to upload her videos.  She has over 3,000,000 page views and 5,500+ subscribers.  She uses as mini cosplay clips and it’s clearly a smart option for getting your name out there.

Porn Sites.  I know what your saying porn sites are not social networks.  But, the way you can use them can be very social.  This could be anything from Pornhub to It’s always a great idea to upload your videos to these websites. They are a great way to earn some additional revenue with their “rev-share” programs. Then, you can use Twitter to create some social buzz around your videos that you have uploaded to these various websites.

Also, you can link to your adult webcamming profiles, your website, and places where you sell your adult content. I would highly recommend that you watermark your videos that you upload to these sites. Therefore, if people download them and upload them to other sites your watermark will be on your videos.

Again, you don’t have to use each and every single site mentioned above for your cam modeling ventures. Just pick 1 or 2 and actively participate there. This could mean Tweeting for 5 to 10 minutes a day or adding sexy photos on Pinterest or Instagram.  I’m not stating you need to spend all your day on social media, but just spending a little time each day is a great way to get your name out there.

Do you have experience with these social media sites? I would love to read your tips on how you use them. Please leave your comments down below.

This is a webcam model approved article. It has been approved by LiviaChoice. LiviaChoice is the only writing model with articles on AVN, AW News, YNOT, XBIZ. LiviaChoice has been camming on for 8 years now. You can follower her on Twitter @LiviaChoiceXXX.

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