Snapchat for webcam modelsThis article will show you how to use Snapchat as a webcam model to make more money. A lot of webcam models are really missing out on lots of money if they are not using it.

Just the other day I was talking to a newer webcam model. I stated that she needed to sign up for a Snapchat account.  She had a lot of questions about Snapchat, which I will talk about in this article.

But, first what the hell is Snapchat? Snapchat can be identified as a mobile application or a social network.

A lot of cam girls are using Snapchat to make extra money. So if you’re not using Snapchat you are losing out on a lot of money. For anyone that’s new to Snapchat let me summarize it. You can upload short clips and post pictures. People can pay a monthly fee or a lot of cam models will do a lifetime fee.  Snapchat is a great way to either make residual income and supplement your webcam modeling ventures.

I do want to make a disclaimer for this article though. Snapchat is against using their application for adult related content. Meaning that your account could get banned at any time since you’re using it as a webcam model. Also with Snapchat you’re not allowed to charge a monthly fee.

But to be honest with you there are a lot of webcam models using Snapchat every day. So in this Snapchat article, I want to talk about the correct ways to use it.

Nudes or non- nude’s with Snapchat

So if you want to make money with Snapchat I would recommend going the non-nude route. Well partly going the non-nude route. The reason being is because nudity is against Snapchat’s TOS. A lot of webcam models will put pictures or emojis over their private parts, for their free Snapchat accounts. Don’t worry I will discuss this later in the article.

However, this could annoy some users that are paying for your Snapchat (using the emojis). But this would be fully compliant to Snapchat’s TOS.  You are going to use nudes, but only with your private account.

Manage Your Public & Private Snapchat

You can always use a promotional account and a paid account. Your promotional account with Snapchat should be non-nude photos. Obviously, your paid account should be photos and videos that are nudes. However, you don’t want one account to look like it’s never been updated. A lot of webcam models have actually made this mistake in the past.

You can combine your Snapchat accounts though. Here is how you do it:

  • Pick the Snapchat account you want to use.
  • Use your private account because it has your paid members.
  • Swipe down on the main screen. There will be a gear icon in the top right corner. Click it and then scroll down to “who can”.
  • Your settings should be “everyone” or “friends only”.

Getting People To Your Paid Snapchat

As I had suggested earlier in this article you want to have a free and premium Snapchat. For your free Snapchat, you want to have pictures and videos that are not nudes. You can take sexy photos and videos. Cover your privates with well-placed images, really anything that’s going to entice people to want to purchase your premium Snapchat.

Periodically with your free one, you can suggest that people buy your premium Snapchat. Obviously, as I’ve stated the free Snapchat should entice people to go ahead and purchase your premium Snapchat.  Think of it as a way to entice people to want to upgrade.

You can use different social media sites to sell your Snapchat, too.

You can sell your Snapchat on various websites. Below is a list of sites where you can sell your Snapchat:

  • FanCentro. This is a network where you can sell your Snapchat subscriptions. It is powered by the same company that developed ModelCentro (a good platform for creating websites). There is a model directory you can use with SnapCentro that will help you get some exposure, too.
  • Membershyp. This is a platform for selling Snapchat subscriptions. You can specify different pricing packages which can be weekly, monthly, or yearly. Their platform will handle the billing and notify you when you have new users.
  • ManyVids. A great site for selling adult related content. This could be anything from pictures to videos and you can even sell your panties (which I highly recommend). Also, you can sell custom videos with Manyvids. Obviously, you can sell your Snapchat with Manyvids, too (see ManyVids reviews).
  • YouKandy. Another great site for selling adult content. Also, you can do live camming shows through YouKandy. You do get a profile page where you can sell premium apps subscriptions including Snapchat (see YouKandy reviews).
  • ExtraLunchMoney. You can sell pictures, videos, panties or anything that their TOS allows. So obviously you can sell your Snapchat subscriptions through ExtraLunchMoney.

Sell Snapchat On Camming Networks

Obviously, you’re going to want to create a profile on your live camming sites. Some websites like ImLive (see ImLive reviews) and Streamate (Streamate reviews) don’t allow you to link to your social profiles or any other third-party applications. You’re going to have to use their messaging system where you can sell your Snapchat.

Sites like Chaturbate (see Chaturbate reviews) and MyFreeCams (see MyFreeCams reviews) do allow you to link directly to your Snapchat. You can then manually add people and ask for a payment through Paxum for access to your premium Snapchat.

Every once in awhile you can do live webcam shows and offer your Snapchat for a reduced price.  I have seen Kaci Kash (and many other popular Chaturbate models) do this a few times.

What Do You Do On Your Snapchat?

Ivy Adams SnapchatReally, you can do anything you want with your Snapchat.

For example, Ivy Adams (one of the top MyFreeCams models) does this though:

  • Makes daily nude snaps.
  • Does weekly shows.
  • Screenshots.
  • Chatting.

When it comes to chatting some camgirls don’t like to use it for chatting. There is a lot of mixed feedback on chatting. Just make sure you do it on your time and not their time. Meaning, establish guidelines and you don’t have to spend all day chatting with people, either. Some guys can get very demanding on Snapchat and it could end up being more of a chore. Instead, the chat feature with kik seems to be more preferred for some girls.

How Much Do You Sell Your Snapchat For?

A lot of webcam models will sell their Snapchat for a monthly, half a year, yearly, and even lifetime access. Here is an example of some prices you might want to charge for your Snapchat:

  • Monthly: $7 to $15
  • Half A Year: $14 To $30
  • Yearly: $30 to $60.
  • Lifetime: $60 to $100.

The above numbers are estimates. You might want to start at the lower end and raise the price depending on whatever your comfortable selling your Snapchat for.

Lastly, if you’re not using Snapchat you’re really losing out on a lot of money. It’s one of the number one money makers for adult webcam models. It allows you to make monthly residual income like OnlyFans (see OnlyFans reviews) does. Snapchat is very easy to use and you should certainly be using it.

Do you have any questions about Snapchat that are not answered in this article? Please leave your comments, questions, etc. down below.

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