LiviaChoice - New Direction of Cam ModelingRecent studies show that just 3% of porn is actually paid for, and that has a definite impact on our traffic. Porn consumers are no longer live cam consumers. This realization generates a critical question; what are live cam consumers looking for in a live cam model nowadays? The landscape of the live cam Industry is very similar to the landscape of our society at large, and the best way to remain relevant in the business today is to build meaningful connections with members. The arguments and the new directions presented in this article are the results of ten years spent studying cyberculture and seven years camming as a model.

Besides being a webcam model, I am also a communication scientist, developing the first scientific study about the live cam industry, related to the social aspect of camming which includes the interactions and the relationships established between:

  • Models and members.
  • Models and cam site platforms.
  • Between the models themselves.

This is a completely unexplored and original perspective based on scientific arguments honed over a career spanning more than a decade studying cyberculture and seven years of empirical knowledge (video chat analysis) developed with the intention of contributing to the expansion of the entire Industry, with the introduction of the first reflexive analysis and critical thinking in the adult entertainment industry.

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As far as I know, camgirls and members are not sex machines, but people who change their interests and behavior both online and offline, according to their reality and the world they live in. So, in order to better understand member behavior in live video chat we need first to remind ourselves of all the changes in our society during the last ten years and that’s exactly the mission of my work offline: to share my studies about our society with models, members and people in all kind of positions in live cam industry. According to my academic studies, these days the changes reflect a society full of people isolated from each other, hidden behind the screens of their electronic devices, looking for a social connection using online platforms. live cam sites are one type of these online platforms and live cam models are the right people to help needy members, as well as fulfill our basic societal need of building connections.

The most recent study I uncovered related to this topic shows that just 3% of porn is actually paid for, which suggests that the cam site consumer is no longer the same consumer of porn sites. That’s why in all my previous articles, I’ve been so insistent that we should concentrate our attention on members who are actively seeking the service we are offering, which is online live interaction, in both a social and sexual sense.

Members who are not looking for any social connection are already lost to the free porn websites – because the most notable difference between a porn website and a live cam site is the live interaction between models and members.  Which includes the social aspect of camming. According to my own theory – the first scientific study about the live cam Industry – the social aspect of camming is based on building emotional connections. It is quite clear to me – and hope for all my readers at this point in the discussion – that only cam girls are able to build connections with their members; this is the most competitive aspect, unique to the cam site industry.

That’s why I think it’s completely outdated to continue asking our models to tease with no interaction, to fake a smile, to change outfits frequently without repeating, to look glamorous, etc.

The reality is that members can find all of these features for free on porn websites or even with the next model. I can absolutely guarantee that the only reason that the same member would continually come back to the same model over and over is when she builds a connection with him.  Which means that she found a way to be a genuine person and make a connection not strictly sexually-based. And to do it, a model must be present with not only her body but also with her mind and soul. Let me clarify that members can obviously have sex with whomever they choose, but they won’t want to return to the “object” with whom they don’t identify with.  The one who didn’t even bother to ask their name at the beginning of the session (see webcam model tips). So again, my suggestion is for models to find a way to build meaningful connections with their members.

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I would like to go deeper now and say that building a connection is the new trend in the Industry and is not only something that a model must have in mind while she is online (in the video chat room), but also when she is offline – yes, there are so many ways to continue working and being active offline and it’s also a very respectful job, with an unforgettable value. Let’s reflect on the success of the social media segment, for example. It is working very well in everyday life, but also in the cam industry at large because members are really interested in finding ways to build real connections with the model and to feel like they are part of her life (both on and offline).

The same change has begun to happen most recently with interactive toys (like Lovense) – the new success of the Industry makes members feel a stronger bond to their models, and that’s why models must be open to trying it. There is no doubt in my mind that any tool, feature or program based on strengthening the bond, relationship or connection between models and members will be a big success.

In closing, I think we can all conclude that it’s time for the Industry to take steps forward (especially with regards to the way models are trained to perform) and I believe that I have submitted sufficient evidence to prove that building connections with members is really the key to the entire business. I am really thrilled to have been able to develop this theory with my theoretical and empirical knowledge and to contribute to the live cam industry with this novel breakthrough.

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Livia Choice on ImLiveIndependent webcam model by choice [no Manager/PR-Rep/Social Media]. The First & Only Writing Model with articles in all major industry magazines (AVN, AW News, YNOT, XBIZ).  Has been featured on’s best ImLive Cam models list. Prominent speaker at adult webcam industry events (WebmasterAccess, TheEuropeanSummit, LALEXPO, AWSummit). Communication Scientist with phD developing unprecedented theory, entitled “the social aspect of camming” (centered on the emotional connections building between models and members, models and camsites, and, models among each other). An academic business woman interested to bring to the Adult Industry the first critical-reflexive thinking focused on how social bonds are structured in online platforms. Cam Girl of the Year (AWA, 2017). ImLive Excellence & Loyalty Winner (LCA, 2017). Favorite Cam Girl Nominee (AVN, 2017). Best Cam Model [Latin America] Nominee (XBIZ, 2017). Best Entertainer & Social Media Nominee (AW, 2017). Social Media Star Winner (AW, 2016).

Check out LiviaChoice at and you can follower her on Twitter @LiviaChoiceXXX.

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