Naughty TYI - Mature Webcam ModelSo you’re an older woman and you’re thinking about becoming a webcam model.

I know there are a lot of you out there. Let’s face it there are a lot of women camming that are different ethnicity, thinner, fatter, younger, and of course older.

A lot of people are attracted to older women. Where do you think the term MILF (mother I’d like to fuck) comes from? Let’s be perfectly honest MILF’s are hot as hell! So, I got a chance to do an interview with Naughty TYI. She is a mature webcam model that has been having a lot of success in the industry.

She states that she is 50 on her YouKandy profile, but I don’t believe it! But, anyways if your an older women looking to begin webcamming this should certainly motivate the hell out of you to get started.

How Long Have You Been A Webcam Model?

Almost 2 years now, and wow what a ride it’s been. I do private shows for now as I love the personal touch of one on one connections. Response: Not everyone likes to do private shows, but a lot of models do. A couple good places to do private shows are ImLive (see my ImLive reviews) and Streamate (see my Streamate reviews).

Below is the interview I did with Naughty TYI.

What Made You Want To Get Into Webcam Modeling?

Naughty TYI legsI have never been one to follow the rules. I love the control of being able to be in charge of being creative and doing things I love without a boss telling me when. Also, I don’t like being told how and what time to get my work done. I’m able to work from home and talk to people all over the world every day. One reason I started in the first place was to save money for a new Jeep. Also had a lot of men asking for calendars and pictures and videos. So, this was a great fit for me. Response: I don’t like following rules either! A lot of camgirls do webcam part-time, to help themselves through college, and to help pay off some debt. Others start off like you did and quickly do realize there is a lot of money in it.

Where Are All The Places People Can Watch You & Purchase Content?

What Do You Feel Are The Biggest Pros and Cons To Webcam Modeling?

Every job has its strong points. Also, there are things people don’t like to mention about their job.

The pros of webcam modeling are:

Naughty TYI undressingThere are a lot of pros to webcam modeling. You meet a lot of amazing people from all over the world. You learn a lot about different cultures and you get to learn so much about them. Holidays are different because of cultural differences. So very interesting and I love it. You are the boss and can pick and choose what you want to do, what you want to show and times to work all on your own terms.

If you are persistent and consistent you can make a lot of money. Only you can decide how much it means to you to succeed or how hard you want to work. Or you can choose to work part-time and options that are best for your situation.

You get to know so many models and people in this industry that are so amazing and are into the same things and have views like you do, it’s a great feeling.

Overall it’s as simple as this; you are the boss, great money, meet amazing people, work on your schedule and it’s up to you what avenue to take. You make the rules and can be as creative as you want to be without any judgment.

The cons of webcam modeling are:

Not very many to be honest with you!

I run my own business so if I’m sick and can’t work I just don’t schedule appointments. But in the same breath, I have to advertise on a daily basis, make tweets always and often. So, sometimes I’m not always up for all the work when I’m sick but have to push on.

There are always haters, jealousy, trolls, and drama. You just learn to ignore it and move on. Remember this is your business so no drama.

Also, stalkers will stalk you even if you are careful about your name, where about you live. My advice for this is turn off all location apps, always be aware of your surroundings and block people if they get aggressive or pushy about you answering private questions when you say no.

Sometimes it’s slow, so be prepared for that time frame, like holidays, tax season or in between paychecks. But it’s not often if you are tweeting you are creating ads and making new content. response: I’m a big fan of doing what I want when I want, too. I can certainly relate as I have run a work at home business for almost 10 years now. There is a lot of responsibility that comes along with it, but being an entrepreneur is the best job in the world! I believe networking with other webcam models is always a smart decision. One girl who does this effectively is LiviaChoice (one of the top ImLive webcam models).

It’s always important to protect yourself as a sex worker though. People turn into stalkers and can get downright creepy from time to time.  I mean it’s the fucking internet! I would just block someone if they are harassing you or getting too personal with you. It’s great as a fetish, but there is a fine line that you shouldn’t cross.

Lastly, if someone is stalking you and you’re feeling unsafe you should really contact your local authorities. This job is supposed to be fun and you don’t want to end up getting assaulted, raped, etc. because you didn’t want to contact your local police department.

Can You Share With Us Your Favorite, Funny, or Strange Experiences During The Time You Have Been A Webcam Model?

Favorite time would have to be:

As a webcam model, you always ask the men or woman what they want. So for me, it would be when they want to talk and ask you what my desires are and my fantasies are. These are very rare and far between but it’s very amazing when the tables are turned a bit.

Most funny time would be:

Naughty TYI soapWhen it’s slow and I was in the shower. So one day I was all soaped up in the shower and rinsing off when my cam call vums in. Well, I have 2 minutes to answer that call.

So, I jump out of the shower and run to the cam room and hit accept, mind you that I am soaking wet. Well, it was probably the best cam call I have had. He loved the fact that I’m me and would take the cam that way. Candid, no makeup, and still soapy.

Strangest things are:

Fetish requests at times, some requests are a bit weird but I try to accommodate if I can within reason.

Here is an example; like using fleece, fur, water bottles, water sports. So far I have been pretty lucky on this one. Response:  Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.  I think that’s really pretty neat that you were taking a shower and still took a clients call.  I’m sure he didn’t mind at all.  I would suggest that every cam model has probably dealt with some kind of “weird” fetish.  I guess we all have fetishes, but I wouldn’t do anything you are uncomfortable with.  Knock on wood though, Hopefully, you don’t get any weird requests.

I Noticed That You Have OnlyFans and Snapchat. Do You Have Any Tips For Keeping People Paying Customers?

I treat everybody good. Always do what they say. Keep posting a lot of new stuff and give out surprises and gifts to those who spend and are very good to you. When they renew give them rewards great ones. Free stuff, videos and pictures, panties and such. It makes for good business and they keep coming back. Also, avoid all negativity they get that at home. Response:  Treating others with respect really does go along way.  People love gifts as you’ve shown they respond well to getting free gifts in return.  You keep them as paying customers.  Smart!

Do You Have Any Advice For Someone Trying To Get Into The Webcam Modeling Business?

It’s always a learning experience and you will make mistakes and you will feel like a failure at times. Do not give up, let this give you a reason to push harder, work harder and succeed in this industry.

Avoid all drama and negativity trust me on this! Find what works for you and your niche.

Advertise and tweet often, follow up on all messages, DMs and most importantly be yourself and treat others like you would like to be treated. Find the sites that work for you and you may go on a lot that doesn’t but that’s ok. Find another one that clicks for you. Response:  I can relate to making mistakes.  I’ve made my share of mistakes when developing, but I have learned from them and moved on.  But as a cam model, it’s Perfectly understandable that you’re going to make mistakes.  Dramas something I never like to get into online.  It’s a complete waste of time and isn’t very productive.  Lastly, different camming sites are for different people.  Some like freemium and some like premium.  It’s really up to you decide where you want to cam, though.

How Do You Use Social Media As A Webcam Model? What Works And What Doesn’t?

Naughty TYI Twitter

You can follow Naughy TYI at:

I personally use Twitter for all my ads. Advertising all the sites I’m on and I tweet every day many times a day. Include links so everybody knows where to find you.

What you shouldn’t be doing:

It’s as simple as not putting in the effort. You work hard to make a name for yourself. Be persistent and consistent every day. Avoid drama and negative tweeting. Response:  Personally I love Twitter.  It’s my “go to” for social media, and for webcam models, It appears to be their” go to”, too.  I like to keep my tweets fun and don’t engage in negative tweets.  It’s better to not say anything at all rather than tweet something negative.  But like you said you do have to be persistent on Twitter.  There is no automatic tool that is going to get you thousands of loyal followers.  It should be used to build relationships and help get your name out there.  It takes work to establish yourself on Twitter.  Some sites like Manyvids (see my Manyvids review) and Chaturbate (see my Chaturbate review) will help promote you on Twitter, too.  But, after several months of hard work, you should see some results.

Do You Have Any Tips For Newer Webcam Models That May Be Struggling?

  • Tweet a lot with your links to all sites you are on.
  • Watch other cam shows any kind of tip or help is good to start with.
  • No drama no jealousy and avoid negative people.
  • Take things with a grain of salt, don’t take it personally if you get bad remarks or have a rough day. Turn it into something to overcome and work harder.
  • Always put out new stuff and treat people amazing and you will do fine. Response: I think like all things when you start out at something it’s tough in the beginning. Twitter really is an excellent tool for getting started in the webcamming world, though. It’s my favorite social media platform to use. Watching what others are doing is some solid advice. You can really learn a lot from watching other successful people.

As far as jealousy is concerned that is so true. There are always going to be negative people, trolls, etc. You have to learn to just deal with them and try not to feed into their negative energy.

Where Do You See Webcam Modeling Going In The Future?

I think it’s a booming business to be in. I can see 3D camming and much more. Many are stuck home and us webcam models are their only company at times. It’s going be around for a long time and only get better as time goes on. Response: I agree that 3D camming is probably going to be seen more and more. already has virtual reality and I believe a lot of others will be mimicking what they are doing. Also, new and improved sex toys (not just the Lovense), but other toys will be created to create a more interactive experience.

Do You Have Any Announcements or Big News For 2018?

Nothing big just creating more new content. Maybe a few new sites and I am going to try new things. Might try some new locations and see how they work. Response: So, there you have it. This was an interview by Naughty TYI and she is a mature webcam model. I first discovered her when browsing through YouKandy (see YouKandy reviews). She was one of the hottest mature webcam models I’ve ever seen. She has won YouKandy competitions and I would advise you to vote for her at: Thanks so much Naughty TYI for taking an hour out of your busy life to do an interview with me!

3 Ideas For Mature Webcam Models

Naughty TYI bed

You can be successful as a mature webcam model. Don’t let your age keep you from pursuing your webcam model ventures. You can really make a lot of money with it. It’s a fetish that a lot of guys love! Let’s just face it mature women are sexy as hell. Who hasn’t had that hot teacher, sexy older coworker, etc. that you’ve fantasized about.

Here are some taboo ideas you can use as a mature webcam model:

Student & Teacher roleplay. Let’s face it a lot of guys have a teacher role play fetish. Personally, I have had a number of teachers in college and in high school that I wouldn’t mind getting in bed with. Therefore as a mature camgirl, you should easily be able to play into this fetish. You can easily create a live show or some content where you can sell on ManyVids (see my Manyvids review).

Sexy aunt, mother, etc. This needs to be taboo. Meaning you want to make it perfectly clear that you’re not having sexual relations with any of your real family members. A lot of webcamming sites like Chaturbate (see my Chaturbate reviews) have a TOS which states you can NOT create content on this subject matter. However, you can sell content on other content selling sites. Also, you could use PornHub (which Ivy Adams) has shown us, which is a great way to promote your webcamming ventures and make some residual income, too.

Cosplay.  Cosplay is an excellent idea for webcam models.  This doesn’t mean that just mature webcam models can do it, though.  You can send your client a message and ask what they want you to dress up as.  Charge a little extra for it.  It’s a fun way to meet their needs and make even more money as a webcam model.  One webcam model which I love is Amy Valentine who does do some cosplay when she is doing her softcore webcam shows.

Last but not least make sure you have fun with your webcam modeling. It should be fun and you can have fun doing what you like and make a decent amount of money at it. Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go forth with your webcam modeling ventures.

Thanks again Naughty TYI for doing an interview with me. Do you have any questions or comments? Please leave your comments down below.

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