Kaci Kash InterviewI know you want to make money with your webcam modeling.

So many webcam models get into camming, but sadly they don’t have a lot of success. They usually just quit and don’t make a lot of money. Quitting isn’t the best option, though. Don’t get frustrated about it. Don’t beat yourself up about only making 30 tokens a day. There is a learning curve that goes along with camming.

Please read these webcam model tips if you’re completely new to webcamming, though.

First, before I get started, I did read an article on businessinsider.com on how webcam models make money.  It did explain how webcamming works, which you probably already know. But the interesting part of this article showed how some cam models have made what other people make with a full-time 9-5 job in a week.

Furthermore, people are buying their favorite cam models stuff from Amazon. This is done by models adding an Amazon wishlists to their profile.

Here is a video I found on YouTube about making money as a webcam model:


We all want to make money with our camming ventures, but you need to be aware of certain things when you are camming. I would be lying if I told you, you were going to make thousands within your first week of camming.  It’s just not going to happen.

So, what Yeswebcam.com did and interview with Kaci Kash to help anyone that might be struggling with their camming ventures. This interview will cover the following:

About Kaci Kash:

Kaci Kash - make money webcam modelingKaci Kash has been camming since 2011. Kaci has been featured on my best Chaturbate models list.  Obviously, she came on Chaturbate, but she also cams with MyFreeCams.com, too. She has won AWA booty of the year in 2017. She is not only drop-dead gorgeous but did an interview with Yeswebcam.com to help other webcam models succeed.

So, down below is the interview I did with Kaci Kash.

Kaci Kash Interview

If your room is slow and no one is tipping is there any tips you could give us during the slow time?

I think putting on a show for free is a great way to get the crowd going.  You may have not set a goal to do a show, but just by starting one it gets people tipping. Try not to focus on goals though. You will hit your goals when you have a big enough following.  Also, it does help to cam on two different sites at once.  For instance, I cam on Chaturbate and MyFreeCams.com at the same time.  There is a good chance they won’t both be slow at the same time.

Yeswebcam.com Response: Really, I think a lot of cam models just sit there and look bored if they are not making money. I have seen this time and time again. No one wants to watch someone who looks like they are bored out of their mind.  Your shows should be fun. I think doing a free show is a great way to get tips coming in. Hell, if you just start masturbating or teasing people naturally people become drawn to your show.  Please read this article on webcam show ideas if you’re completely stuck on ideas for shows.

Also, one thing I have seen Kaci do is doing a show where she gives all her videos away for 900 or so tokens.  This a great idea for making money with webcam modeling that I highly suggest you try if you haven’t already.  This is a great idea if you have lots of content for sale.  You can promote your new videos by doing a show and putting something like “new G/G show for 100 tokens.

Do you use Lovense and if so what are some good tactics for making money with it?

I do use the Lovense I think I’m slightly obsessed with it. It’s a lot of fun and an excellent way to improve interaction with your viewers.  It’s a small investment, but the best thing you can do as a cam model is to invest in yourself. It feels good and when someone tips big it really makes me cum hard.

A good tactic for making money with the Lush?

Uh put it in and enjoy! It’s as simple as that. Make sure you have a tip menu on your profile and people will just start tipping you.

Yeswebcam.com Response: I always tell cam models to get a Lovense product. It’s a great investment for any cam model. Preferably the Lush because it literally makes you money. Please see my Lovense review for more information their products. Also, the Lush is the most popular toy that cam models use today.  But, some models such as Amy Valentine don’t use Lovense products.  This is because she specializes in softcore webcam shows, though.

How do you use ManyVids.com to help make you passive income?

I upload all my videos on there and use the ManyVids link to send people to my video links. They tip off of ManyVids, too.  Make sure you promote your videos on ManyVids on your Twitter.  When people buy them retweet when people buy your videos, too.  Send people messages asking them to rate your videos that they purchase from you.  Also, make sure you add new videos frequently.

Kaci Kash ManyVids

You can always view Kaci’s ManyVids account at http://KaciKash.manyvids.com.

Yeswebcam.com Response: Trust me Kaci’s videos are worth every penny. I am guilty of owning a number of her videos.  Kaci does raw footage only, which means she doesn’t use any software to edit them. ManyVids is such an excellent idea that helps cam models sell their content. You can sell so more than just videos there, too.  With your Twitter and your camming profiles, I would use your affiliate link, so you get credit if someone new signs up with ManyVids. Please see my full ManyVids review.  Also, I do recommend OnlyFans (see OnlyFans reviews).  It’s a good way to make monthly residual income.

What are some sites you use to sell your videos, products, services, etc. ?

I just opened my own boutique.  It’s a great way to make more passive income, too. I am selling my real authentic pussy mold! It’s a huge deal to have my very own fuckable mold that my fans can enjoy! They can use my pussy mold when they are masturbating to my videos. It adds a lot of personal touch to purchasing my videos. You can check out Kaci’s store at: http://mypornboutique.com/kaci-kash.html

Yeswebcam.com response: Holy shit! Kaci Kash pussy molds! What a great idea! Also, there are some other items you can purchase on Kaci’s store. They include the following:

How do you promote yourself for your webcam shows?

I don’t have any other promotional services promote my live shows. I have been in the cam business for a while now, but I didn’t start using social media like Twitter until 2 years ago, and Instagram this year! I really wish I would have started using it earlier! I promote myself through there and it helps so much!

You can follow Kaci on:

Twitter @kaci_kash
Instagram @officialkacikash

Yeswebcam.com response: Social media is so powerful for cam models. It allows you to connect with people that you wouldn’t ever be able to reach. Personally, I have gotten in contact with business’s and people through Twitter that I wouldn’t ever be able to get in contact with.

Do you have any tips for getting offline tips?

Ask your fans to do it, sometimes you have to be upfront or they won’t think to do it. Most fans want to see my face smile when they tip me or hear me moan. So offline tips I don’t get a whole lot of.

Yeswebcam.com response: I know tips are worth more with MyFreeCams.com (see MyFreeCams review). So it is nice to get them. But, just thanking people for sending you an offline tip is a great way to show that you’re appreciative. Make sure you tweet the screen name that tipped you, and this works because it also lets people know they can tip you when your not online.

How valuable is CamModelProtect in keeping your content off other sites?

Sign up on there now! https://cammodelprotection.com is great! I wish I would have found them when I first started camming, they literally have erased years of content put out by people and I am so grateful for them! They are worth every penny.

Yeswebcam.com response: A lot of this DMCA takedown notice shit is some nerdy stuff that cam models don’t have the time to do. Services like CamModelProtect.com are valuable because it keeps your content that you worked so hard on off other websites.  I have seen many cam models videos from their live shows on various porn sites.

How important is it to win awards as a cam model?

I don’t think it’s that important money-wise, but I think it’s nice to feel recognized and to know that my fans have helped me win an award and get me to the place where I am today. Winning AWA booty of the year felt really great!

Yeswebcam.com response: Congratulations on all the success you have had with your webcamming. You do have an excellent ass, but your also a very sweet girl! It’s good to see that you’re humble about winning awards. I lot of other cam models like to brag about their accomplishments.

How does it feel to be part of a camming community?

It’s amazing I wish I would have reached out and talked to people sooner, so far everyone is really supportive. There are a few haters here and there but that’s when you know you’re doing something right.  Only successful people get hate. No one hates on people on the bottom of the page. I’m blessed.

Yeswebcam.com response: It’s great to talk with cam models like Kaci. At times I am sure all models deal with shit like trolling (see this trolling article), and people hate on them. The world is full of people that like to tear each other apart. But, successful people always know they are being targeted because of the amount of success they have had. It was really great that Kaci took the time out of her busy schedule to answer questions about making money with webcam modeling. I wish you all the success in the years to come.

I want to hear from others on how they make money with webcam modeling. If you have any tips to help make money with webcam modeling please leave your comments down below.

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