I get asked the question “How much money can I make with Chaturbate” on a daily basis. 

First thing is first though. I don’t want you to do sexual acts for dirt cheap tokens. I entirely thought this was a good option, but as I soon learned it’s really a huge mistake. It will make you some tokens, but there can be a lot of emotional damage if you do different sex acts for literally no tokens.

A lot of webcam models make this mistake and as I stated there can be a lot of emotional pain that comes along with it. You need to think about if you are comfortable having yourself online for everyone to watch. All streams are recorded and there could be sites where your shows are uploaded to. You have to make sure you’re perfectly comfortable with that. Your family or friends could possibly discover it one day so make sure it’s something you want to do.

I did start a thread on AmberCutie and originally posted an article which did not give very helpful information.  I am truly sorry for that and I want to make it right.  I poorly researched it and put this article up.  I have revised this article and with the help from people on AmberCutie.com; I created the most accurate article I could create to help make you money on Chaturbate.

So, how much money can you make with Chaturbate?  

You can either make zero or enough to quit your 9 to 5 day job with Chaturbate.

There isn’t a clear cut answer and it’s like asking how long is a piece of string.  One cam model told me that when I asked that question.  I am looking to help first-time Chaturbate users (see Chaturbate review) users succeed and certainly want them to do it the right way.

“There are certainly a lot of different variables which determine how much you will actually make on Chaturbate, though.”  I have written an article on webcam show ideas and webcam model tips if you’re completely new to camming.

But, you can make money with Chaturbate, but the actual number is going to be different from person to person.  Therefore, I figured I would write an article that will hope to answer this common question.

I did start a poll on Twitter to see if it was possible to make 9,000 tokens in a month using Chaturbate.  At the end of this article, I will show you a screenshot of my findings.

This article is going to cover the following:

Token System With Chaturbate

Let me explain how the token system works for webcam models that broadcast with Chaturbate.  A lot of people think that tokens are the same for people that purchase them.  But, it’s actually different for broadcasters.  However, here is the structure for when you buy tokens with Chaturbate:

Chaturbate tokens prices

For broadcasters, it’s different though.  For every 100 tokens, you earn that equals $5.  This means that 1 token is worth $.05.

Now that we understand how much tokens are worth for broadcasters, we can start tracking our earnings.

Setting Goals With Chaturbate

I’m not talking about the app with Chaturbate.  I will cover this later on in this article.  You want to keep tabs on what is working and what isn’t working.  An interview I did with Amy Valentine (one of the most successful softcore models) stated that during the first couple weeks you want to cam as frequently as possible.

Start with a goal on what you want to make per week.  Write it down somewhere and then you can work towards that goal.  Keep it low at first and then as the weeks and months go by you can raise it.

Here is an example:

WeekToken GoalEarningsHours Spent
12500 tokens1679 tokens14
22500 tokens2743tokens16
32500 tokens2965 tokens14.5
42500 tokens3200 tokens15.5

Tips For Making More Money With Chaturbate

I should note that it doesn’t matter if you’re a solo girl, couple, male, transgender.  We can all make money using Chaturbate.  You just might have to make some small adjustments to start making decent money.

Below are some tips to help you start making more money with Chaturbate.

Complete Your Chaturbate Profile

Chaturbate Proflile

This is one of the most basic things you can do on Chaturbate.  So many newbie Chaturbate users are not doing this.  They are killing their chances of making any decent money.

  • Pictures.  Take 5-10 sexy pictures and offer them as a picture set.  When you are starting out, keep your prices for the pictures sets lower.  Charge 50 to 100 tokens for the picture set. Don’t make the mistake of charging 500 tokens for a picture set.  Once you start to get a bigger following you can raise the prices of your picture sets.  If they don’t sell at that price lower them back down.
  • Videos.  Make a sexy video of your ass, masturbating, performing a sexual act, etc.  Again, don’t charge 500 to 1,000 tokens for your video.  Instead, sell the video for 100 to 250 tokens.  You can always raise the prices just like you do with your picture sets.
  • ManyVids & YouKandy.  Make sure you link to at least one content site where you can sell your content.  You should certainly use ManyVids (see ManyVids review) and YouKandy (see YouKandy review).  There you can upload your pictures and videos.  Also, link from your content site to your Chaturbate profile.
  • Add Twitter. You should certainly add your Twitter if you’re not already using it. It’s a great way for people to easily be able to follow you. Optionally, you can charge people for your private Twitter if you want, too.
  • Panties. If you are comfortable selling your panties it’s a huge money maker for cam models. You can sell your panties on Chaturbate. I would recommend you check out this article on selling your panties.

Check Your Chaturbate Settings

Chaturbate Settings

It seems very basic, but make sure you check your settings. Click on “My Profile” and then “Settings & Privacy.”

Here are some settings you want to make sure are configured properly:

  • Allow your cam to be on the homepage.
  • Make sure you are not blocking any access from any countries or states.
  • Show your cam to all genders.
  • Make sure “no” is selected for “do not appear on network sites.
  • Allow group and private shows (if you do want to do them).  A lot of cam models don’t really like doing private shows. For starters, I would not set the token price of 6 tokens per minute.  At least go with 12-30 tokens. You can always increase your token price per minute later on.

Getting People To Your Chaturbate Shows

You need viewers if you want to make decent money with Chaturbate. Chaturbate actually wrote this article on how to get more viewers.

It states that you don’t need a huge following to make money. Instead, you need loyal followers that actively tip to make money.  10 followers that actively tip you is way better than 100,000 followers that don’t tip you.

I would suggest you create a Twitter account for your camming with Chaturbate, though. It’s a great way to get your name out there. Then, you can send them a tweet at @ChaturbateGrls where they can retweet when you’re online.

Don’ts For Making Money With Chaturbate:

  • Don’t just sit there and look bored.
  • Don’t beg for tokens.
  • Spam other shows.
  • Don’t be rude to people.

Do’s For Making Money With Chaturbate

  • Engage with people.
  • Thank people for tips.
  • Be positive.
  • Use bots and apps.
  • Give special attention to your higher tippers.

Titles Are Everything With Chaturbate

You want to have a good title with your Chaturbate show.  It’s really easy to edit your title with Chaturbate.  You simply click on it and can begin typing your title.  You don’t just want to think of the first thing that comes to your mind though.

Chaturbate Tags

Instead, you want to click on “more tags” on the upper right-hand side.  If you’re a female here is what it will look like.  You can then scroll down and look at all the hashtags people are using.  Take note of what the most used ones are and how many viewers are viewing them.  Make sure you use ones that are relevant though.

You want to use a combination of 3 or 4 of them for your title.  This will help people get to your cam.

Here are some examples you can use:

  • #Teen Playing With #Lovense.  Watch my sexy #pussy #cum.
  • #Milf Playing With #Dildo.  Watch me #squirt from my #pussy.
  • #Wife Taking it in the #ass.  Watch me #cum and #creampie in her.

If you are going to go the dildo route make sure you read this post on the top vibrating dildos.

Make Chaturbate Goals

Molly Kat ChaturbateI originally thought to set your Chaturbate goals low was good advice. Actually, it’s horrible advice to set your goals low. A lot of models really regret it when they used to do different acts for very cheap. There can be emotional problems from doing stuff for 10-50 tokens. I have already addressed this issue earlier in this article. So make sure you take it very seriously.

You don’t want to shortchange yourself and do different acts for cheap. The goal is to make lots of tokens. But, certainly, don’t make them to low.

So, how high should you set your goals? I would recommend 500 to 1,000 tokens for starters. I have seen Molly Kat use the fuck machine with her webcamming goals. She controls the speed of her fuck machine based on the goal. The fuck machine will go faster once the goals are met.

It’s a good idea to tell people we are 200 tokens (or however far) away from hitting our goal.  I have seen Molly Kat do this a number of times.  She does an excellent job of being kind of like a play-by-play announcer throughout her shows. This will entice people to give you more tokens. You might have to play around with your goals to see what works for you.

Use Bot & Apps

Chaturbate Apps

Bots and Apps make your life easier on Chaturbate.  Make sure you are using them.  I highly recommend using auto messages.  Say something like:

  • “Make sure you follow me.”
  • “Don’t forget to tip if you like what you see.”
  • “Got any request that I can do for you.”
  • “My private shows are on sale for 30 tokens a minute.”
  • “Make sure you check out my pictures and videos.”

Make sure you have a tip menu.  Make your prices higher so you can make more money.  Here is a good example of an effective tip menu:

  • 20 tokens – Send PM
  • 55 tokens – Show Ass
  • 40 tokens – Take off Bra
  • 125 tokens – Show Pussy
  • 100 tokens – Take off Panties
  • 300 tokens – Finger Myself for 1 Min
  • 450 tokens – Ride Dildo for 1 Min

Just a sample tip menu.  Can always increase them.  You might have to play around with your tip menu.  There isn’t one tip menu that works for every cam model.  Just don’t make them to low otherwise you will be doing different acts for dirt cheap.

Use The Crazy Ticket App.

Once the crazy ticket has started people that didn’t buy a ticket will not be able to view your show.   However, their screen will become hidden and if they buy in they can join.  You can start low and add a crazy ticket for 250 to 500 tokens.  You can always raise the crazy ticket price.  After awhile might want to raise it to 100 more tokens than you started with.

Each person that buys into your crazy ticket can add up quickly.  For instance, if you did a crazy ticket for 250 tokens and 4 people bought a ticket it would be a total of 1,000 tokens. Obviously, the more people you have that buy into your crazy ticket would equal more tokens.

You do run the risk of not getting a crazy ticket sold if you have the token value too high.  Like 10,000 tokens for a crazy ticket would be way too high.

It’s best to try it out a couple times and decide which one makes you the most tokens.

One very popular crazy ticket is to do a cum show.  But, you can do whatever you feel comfortable doing.

Cam Frequently

Make sure you just don’t cam and not show up for a couple of weeks or so.  Instead, tell your viewers when you will be camming.  Better yet you should put a graphic up on your profile that shows the times you will be camming.

Caylin Chaturbate Advice

Furthermore, Caylin (one of the best Chaturbate models) has suggested that you cam 5 hours a day in the beginning.  There isn’t the best time to cam though. Different people from all over the world log on to Chaturbate throughout the day.  Might track your results and see what works best for you.

Here is proof that I pulled from a thread on AmberCutie relating to the best time to cam:

No pattern on Chaturbate

As you can clearly see there is no pattern.

Get A Lovense Product

Lush LovenseIn the webcamming world, you might want to invest money in an interactive toy that you can use for your Chaturbate shows.  You literally are going to have to spend money to make money, though.  Lovense is a very popular product that a lot of cam models are using on Chaturbate.

If you want to make money with your cam modeling and have $100 to spend, I would highly recommend that you get a Lovense product (see Lovense review).  You have probably already seen these toys on Chaturbate or any other webcamming site.  They are those pink antennas hanging out of cam models.  When someone tips it vibrates.   I would recommend reading this Lovense Lush review to see how this popular sex toy works.


So, how much money can you make with Chaturbate?  Many people on AmberCutie.com advised me not to write this article because there isn’t a clear-cut answer.  I disagreed and wanted to write this article so you can earn money when you start using Chaturbate, though.

To be honest the first couple days you’re probably not going to make a ton.  Some models make great money from the beginning while others barely make anything at all.  There is a good chance that the ones that don’t make very good money are not following the tips I have addressed in this article.

I started a poll on Twitter asking how much money you could make on Chaturbate.

I wanted to know if you worked 16 hours a week for a month if it was realistic to make over 9,000 tokens.  Granted 9,000 tokens is worth $450.  But to my surprise most of the people that were polled said it was easily possible:

Chaturbate Poll

192 people did participate in the poll question.

The first couple days you will probably make 100 to 500 tokens (this is $5 to $25) if you cam for a couple of hours or so.  However, during this time you should familiarize yourself with the Chaturbate bots and apps.

Within, your first week to a month you should see your earnings increase.  If you can cam 16 hours a week, you should be able to make 3,000 to 15,000 tokens.  This would mean $150 to $750 per week.  If you multiply that by 4, you should be able to make $600 to $3000 per month.

Again, these numbers just give you an idea on what you “could” make.  There is no guarantee that you will make that much.  But, from the Twitter poll, I did it looks like the majority of people say it’s possible to make over 9,000 tokens in a month.  It’s hard work and there is a learning curve to it.  You’re probably going to have to deal with trolls, but that is how the camming industry works.

However, the number for how much money you can make with Chaturbate isn’t set in stone.  There are a lot of different variables.  Some cam models make more than other models.  Some cam models get pissed off and quit.  But, I would like to hear about your experience with Chaturbate and how much money you are making.  Please leave a comment down below and let us know what is working and what isn’t working.

This is a webcam model approved article. It has been approved by Molly Kat who cams on Chaturbate. She has been cammimg for 2 years and her main show uses the fuck machine. I incorporate BDSM elements into my shows like gags and anal hooks. She also does anal & double penetration on my fuck machine. She recently started using a sybian on cam which has been a fun new part of my shows.  You can follow Molly on Twitter and Instagram.

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