Best WebcamsSo you’re looking for the best webcam for your webcam modeling needs?

Let’s face it you don’t want some cheap ass webcam and you certainly don’t want to just be using your laptop’s webcam for your webcam shows. As we have learned from Kaci Kash  (one of the top Chaturbate models) one of the best things you can do is invest in yourself. This means you need a webcam that shoots in high-definition.

A webcam will have a number of features that you need as a webcam model. Typically, you want one that will have a microphone on it. Also, you want to be able to control the webcam remotely to get those perfect angles that your fans will come to love.

But, I know what you’re thinking. There are a ton of webcams available online? How do you know which is the best webcam for your modeling ventures?

One word. Logitech. They are the best webcams on the market and all the top models use them. Depending on your budget will help you determine which Logitech webcam you should purchase.

Logitech c920

The Logitech c920 is an excellent beginner webcam that comes at a budget price. AmberCutie states it’s the most popular and basic webcam. Any webcam model that is looking to get into the camming industry needs to start with this feature rich webcam that comes at a very respectable price-tag.

  • Record in HD (1080P). This is up to 1920 X 1080 pixels.
  • Shoot in 720P with 60fps.
  • Built-in dual stereo microphone with automatic noise reduction.
  • Automatically fix low-light.
  • Works with Windows and Mac.
  • H.264 video compression.
  • Easily fits universal tripods.
  • Includes software to which easily allow you to pan, tilt, zoom, face tracking, etc.

It is quite possible this might be the only webcam you ever need.  You don’t have to upgrade to any of the other ones.  But, there are more options if you need a webcam with more features.

Logitech C930e

Another great webcam by Logitech. You can shoot in 1080P HD and includes a 90-degree field of view. Zoom 4X in 1080P. Comes with a built-in stereo microphone.

  • Record in full 1080P with 30 frames per second.
  • Record in 720P at 60fps
  • Very wide view at 90-degrees.
  • Extended view plus pan.
  • Tilt and 4X digital zoom.
  • Uvc H.264 encoding.
  • Plug and play compatibility.
  • Includes Logitech webcam software.
  • Works with both Windows an PC.

Logitech C922x

This is another great webcam designed by Logitech. This webcam can remove the background. It has a built-in microphone that picks up audio in stereo quality. It comes with a free Xplit license for 6 months.

  • Record in 1080P with 30fps.
  • Shoot in 720P at 60fps.
  • Specifically designed for video streaming with Twitch and YouTube.
  • Background replacement tool (that works with Windows 7 or later).
  • Autofocus, razor-sharp, and consistent high definition.
  • Built-in microphone that captures in stereo sound (with noise reduction).
  • Autocorrect poor lighting.
  • Works with both Windows and Mac.

Logitech Conference Cam BCC950

This Logitech conference cam is great for webcam models that need a remote control. It’s a plug-and-play webcam that has advanced controls and the audio picks up to 8 feet away. It’s a great webcam for those that are serious about their adult webcamming.

  • Comes with a superior speakerphone with enhanced audio (200 Hz – 8 kHz).
  • Omni direction microphone with noise cancellation.
  • Car Zeiss Optics with Autofocus.
  • 180-degree remote-controlled video pan, tilt, and zoom.
  • 78-degree field of view.
  • Plug-and-play.

Logitech BRIO

You guessed it another great webcam by Logitech. This webcam was recommended by Buttery Bubble Butt (Brittany Benz). It’s a 4k webcam that can also record at 1080p at 60fps. It’s certainly a wise investment if you are serious about your webcamming.

  • Premium glass lens (with a 4K image sensor (30fps).
  • Record at 1080p at 60ftps.
  • NextGen light correction.
  • Advanced security with infrared sensors with facial recognition support.
  • 5X digital zoom.
  • High-quality microphone.
  • Autocorrects lighting issues.
  • Background replacement tool.
  • Works with Microsoft Cortana.
  • Works with both Windows and Mac.

So, there you have it you have options when you’re picking out a new webcam for your adult webcamming. It might be alright to use a laptop if money is really tight for a week or so, but it’s not something I recommend.

The standard webcam that is on a lot of computers is actually quite poor. The more professional you can make your shows the more money you can make with your webcamming ventures. It’s certainly a worthwhile investment that you can make back within your first couple shows.

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Please do let me know if you have any questions down below.  Also, let me know of any webcams you use that are either on this list and are not on this list.

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