About Me

G Spot founded Yeswebcam.com in March of 2017.

Ahhh, that is the spot and G Spot just took care of you!  Probably not, but at least fake it for my sake.  It helps with my confidence.

YesWebCam.com is about positivity and creating a site where webcam models can learn, share their experiences, etc. Why should you read my content at YesWebCam.com? Because I love my contributors to death! You are the reason I do this crazy shit!

I have a zero tolerance negativity policy. I don’t mind you sharing your negative experiences but please be respectful of everyone! To match hate in the world and I don’t want it here. This should be fun and I want everyone to have a good time!

YesWebCam.com has been the most rewarding site to work on in the 10 years I’ve been working online!  There is literally so much to learn about webcamming it’s mind-blowing.  I learn new things every day and I love it!  For so many people it has completely changed their quality of life in a positive way.

G Spot is not a cam model, but does have a passion for writing about adult webcamming!

In the beginning, I was interested in writing about cam modeling because of money.  But, I quickly fell in love with the industry and find it extremely fascinating. YesWebcam.com does receive affiliate commissions from people that click on my affiliate links.  But, I do get to work in a niche that doesn’t feel like work and that something not everyone can say they can do!

While money is great I do want to create a website that has valuable content for experienced cam models and people that are looking to get into the cam modeling industry. There are a lot of similar sites on the internet that do just provide inaccurate information to profit themselves.  See webcam model approved for more information.

G Spot is a fun easy going person that doesn’t take life too seriously.  He has a sense of humor and loves to interact with people that are interested in adult webcamming.  He really feels that it’s an essential way of life for many people and it’s a real lifestyle for millions of webcam models located all around the world.

G Spot bought an expired domain name that was first registered in 2002. Yeswebcams.com was the perfect name because yes you can make money with adult webcams. The words “Yes” is something everyone loves to hear.

G Spot has been in the internet marketing industry for 10 years now. He knows how to make money online and knows that people can succeed with just a little guidance. Research and writing about his findings is a great way to make money doing what he loves.

For any reason, if you need to contact G Spot feel free to contact me. If you’re a cam model and want to collaborate together with an article, do an interview feel free to contact me.  Also, you can always follow YesWebCam.com on Twitter.

Best of luck to your adult camming ventures!

P.S. Damn, I just blew my wod on my about us page.  Now the keyboard is sticky, shit!

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